How to Buy Auto Spare Parts


Whether you want auto spare parts or components to build an entire engine, you have unparalleled choice when it comes to picking a buyer. Today we have many suppliers and auto parts exporters India. These include many buyers that operate online. It is important, however, to make your selection carefully. Even the smallest part is crucial to hold together the bigger structure.

This makes the selection and buying of auto parts very important. If you are looking for a seller, here’s a short primer on buying auto parts:

Research the seller

Whether you are buying from an online seller or a wholesale dealer, you must find out about the seller. Fortunately, research has been made time efficient, thanks to Internet. Most manufacturers will have a website that you can check out. But before that check different forms for parts. This will give you better idea of the type, specifications and prices for the parts you are looking for. These forums are very handy tools for research.

Once you have a comprehensive view, you can go through each manufacturer’s website and see if they carry the product you are looking for. Some engines need specific parts that are unique to the engine. Certain branded engines, for instance, will work best only with engines from the same brand. Make sure your supplier has the parts. In such cases, you may have to go to the same manufacturer for the part.

If you are buying from an e-commerce site, be extra diligent when buying the product. Not all e-commerce sites check their suppliers. Look for suppliers that are certified as ‘trustworthy’. Genuine sellers have contact information on their websites. You can also look at users’ feedbacks to check the seller’s reliability.


When buying online, it is necessary to verify the quality and genuineness of the part, especially of you are buying a spare part. Many auto parts exporters India websites sell parts without adequate checking or from bogus sellers. Call the manufacturer and check if the supplier is genuine. One way of checking the genuineness of a part is by checking the OEM website. Check specifications, part number and compatibility. When placing the order, always verify the part number.

Check volumes

Auto part sellers can fall under wholesalers, retailers or manufacturers. Wholesalers and manufacturers will not deal in small volumes, while retailers may have their own limitations when dealing with large volumes. It is necessary to check this before going ahead. If you are a manufacturer who needs parts for your own unit, the supply of desired volume is a critical criteria. You must check if the supplier can cope with your stock requirements.

Finding obscure/rare parts

The standard parts are easy to find, whether you are looking at dealerships or searching for them online. But rare parts are not as easy to procure. If you are building a unique machine or restoring a rare car, you will soon find yourself running into this problem. The problem of sourcing will crop up frequently. Online forums can be very useful when trying to find such retailers and auto parts exporters India. You will find forums on special requirements, such as forum on car restorations. Finally, you can also try dealerships that deal in such products.

Check for quality control

If you are looking for bulk buying, quality control becomes important, especially if the parts are meant for an industrial unit of car manufacturing. The quality of the parts will affect the working of your own machine. So, the quality control of the supplier is critical. Do not hesitate in asking for the quality checks in place. These must be multi-layered to ensure that rules, regulations and right practices are observed at every point. You should also take a personal tour to check the premises.

Guarantee and warrantees

This is necessary when buying parts. There must be some sort of guarantee the manufacturer and supplier offers. If you are buying in bulks, these guarantees are essential. But find out the terms of guarantee before you finalize.

Online buying checks

If you are buying online, there are certain checks that you must follow. The first is to check the supplier as explained earlier and verify the part number. Then next step is to ensure delivery and payment. Pick an online supplier who offer tracking service. This way you can track your shipment. The next is to ensure safe payment procedures. A reliable auto parts exporters India will have secure checkout in place.


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