How to Buy Cheaper Flights Using A VPN


There are many tricks to save money on your vacation, but one of the least known is to use a VPN to buy cheaper flights. We explain what it is and why it can be key to finding the best deals on travel.

Are you looking for what days it is cheaper to book a flight and what is the best time to find the best deals?

There are many ways to try to find a cheaper flight but the key is not only when to look for it, it is also in the how.

While using flight search engines can help you find good deals, there are other tricks to find the lowest prices. Among them is using a VPN to search the flight.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, is a network technology that allows us to surf the Internet hiding our connection data. That is, if you browse connected to a VPN nobody will know your location or IP address. In this article you can find a more detailed explanation of how a Virtual Private Network works.

A very common use of VPNs, which explains its growing popularity, is to access entertainment content not available in the country of origin of the user as well as to browse certain social networks, web pages or digital newspapers blocked in certain areas. Others use it to maintain anonymity in the network, while others use it to access files or services from work without giving themselves away, and others to communicate with loved ones from abroad.

Why use a VPN to buy flights

In addition to the common uses mentioned above, some also use a VPN to look for cheaper flights. The key is that airline companies or flight seekers often offer you a price based on your place of residence and the currency handled in it, explained Sara Barnard of for The Simple Dollar. It is common for customers from different countries to see different prices for exactly the same flight or hotel.

In this way, using a VPN that changes your location you can look for flights as if you were in another country from where you can buy them at a better price.

How to use a VPN to buy flights

To find cheap trips, the trick is to try the same flight search by changing the location connected to a VPN, but there are some steps you should follow.

The first thing you must do is delete the browser cookies that you are going to use. Then connect to a VPN in a different country (or city). Then open an incognito navigation window and start the search until you find the best offers.

Keep in mind that you can find problems when paying, since they can ask for a billing address or they may charge you high fees for the change of currency. You can overcome this last obstacle by using a credit card that does not charge you for the currency exchange.

Although it will require some extra work, you may be able to offer an offer that allows you to go on vacation without your pocket suffering so much.


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