How to create a free .edu email account? Step by step guide

How to create a free .edu email account

It is common that, when someone accesses a company or a specific group, they receive a different email account. For example, if you become part of a company of some importance, the most normal thing is that you are granted a corporate email so that you can manage everything related to work separately and in an organized way, in addition to facilitating communication with other members of the same company.

It is something quite frequent, and that not only extends within the professional sector, it also spreads through the educational sector. The most common in this last plane is to find the mails that have the .edu domain. Its purpose is entirely focused on providing an e-mail profile for any member of the educational community.

From teachers to students of different levels (schools, institutes, and even universities) they receive this type of accounts when they are part of an educational center; but what many do not know is that this is more than an e-mail. These email accounts grant certain advantages to their owners that go further than being part of a communication platform they allow access to a multitude of exclusive software that, otherwise, would be totally out of reach.

Register an email account with .edu extension step by step

This is another great advantage that makes using the best email format unique, and interesting to know how to create a .edu email account for free. It seems impossible, limited to people, for one reason or another, in education; but actually, there are other ways to get this email and access everything you have. Here we will explain it with poems and signs so that you do not hesitate and know how to do it.

The .edu extension, as you can imagine, is something limited to all members of the study. When a person enrolls in a college or university, it is usually necessary to receive such an email for him to benefit from his application. Students work and access several software licenses from several companies provided free of charge for this activity.

Not all are in this formative period, so having access to this type of email may seem like something impossible. However, there is a method to achieve this, to register an email account with an .edu extension. Next, we are going to explain how to do it step by step, although we warn you that it is a long and complicated process, it is worth it!

1 – Create a “false” identity

To use this type of email, you need to “be a student”. Since not everyone is, the first thing you have to do is create an identity with fictitious data so that the detection systems do not work and grant you access. To achieve this, you must first enter the Fake Name Generator by entering the following URL in the address bar of your web browser:

Once inside, set your gender as male or female (it has the Male and Female indicator on the left) and an age range between 19 and 26 years, by moving the sliders on the “Age” bar. Also make sure that in the “Name set” space it is marked with “American” and that in “Country” it is chosen with “The United States” (You can also select among many other nationalities and countries, you choose your identity). Once all this is done, click on “Generate”.

Now, the next thing to do is click on the “Sign in” button under the section dedicated to the profile photo to log in with a Google+ profile that you have previously created (we recommend using one that is not your usual one). This step is mandatory since it is the only way to see all the necessary data to proceed later with the registration of the mail.

2 – Create the mail with extension .edu

We already have our “student” profile, now it’s time to register on a suitable platform to capture our desired email for education. To do this, open a new tab in your browser and enter the following URL: You will enter a website focused on the university community, a place where you can register the email we are looking for.

First, click on “New Users” and then on the button that says “Sign up with email” to fill in the registration form. Now a registration form will appear with several fields that you must fill out. In the “First Name” field you must enter the one that appears in the profile created in Fake Name Generator and you must do the same with “Last Name”. It is also mandatory to give the data of our age of birth in the “Date of birth” field. The “Cell Phone” field is optional so we don’t need it, like the “Middle name”.

Choose the option “Email” and enter a valid email, after this click on “Validate”, a Popup will appear with a Captcha, we will solve it and then a field will appear where we will have 300 seconds to fill in with a verification code that we will have sent to the email account that we have provided, after entering it we go to the next field.

Then, choose a username and enter it in “User Name” and a password in “Password”, you will have to repeat it 2 times. We will have to select a security question for the account recovery if we lose the access data, for this choose one of the options that it suggests and write an answer as you see fit, everything is to use imagination. After checking the acceptance of the privacy policy, click on “Submit”.

After this, click on “Apply” at the bottom of the web, and then we will have a long list of admission places where to register, we can go testing by clicking again on the blue “Apply” button and below, we click “Apply Now” to follow the registration process. Next, you must fill in the entire registration form with the data established in the Fake Name Generator. It is a long process, but you must complete it by observing each field and its correspondence.

3 – Receive your username and password

Once you have completed the long-form above, both a username (username) and a password (password) will appear on the screen. Write them down and click on “Continue …”. Continue, accepting all the conditions of which they advise and clicking on “Next” or “Continue” when appropriate.

4 – You already have your mail with .edu domain

Upon completing all the steps, you will be taken to a page where your profile appears and where your .edu email is located. In the “Student Information” field, look for the “Student Email Account” section and write down the email address that appears next to it, since it is the one you have just been awarded.

The password to this email is also the one that appeared in the window in point 3. With all this information, you can now take advantage of this domain and take advantage of all the advantages it offers to those who own it, and the best, without having to be a student. As we said at the beginning, it is not necessary to be part of the educational community to have this email, although the process is more than considerably complicated concerning those who are part of it.

Who can have an .edu email account without problems?

How to create a free .edu email account

As we have previously indicated, this type of email account is reserved for a very specific sector of the publication. Members of the educational community can easily get a .edu email account. They receive it practically automatically, without having to make too much effort.

When we talk about these members, we are not only referring to the student body, we are also referring to the teaching staff and even other members who may be part of any educational body. If we look at a university, for example, both professors and assistants or even researchers who are just teaching classes can also create an email with this domain to access certain licenses.

On the other hand, and of course, students are the first to have a .edu email account. At the time of formalizing an enrollment, the team of the school or educational center in question is in charge of carrying out all the procedures to provide you with said mail. Thus, once the enrollment has been completed, the registration period has concluded and the student in question has been accepted, he receives several documents that affirm his integration within the center, among them, the data to be able to access that special email. From there, you can enter it and use it as another one.

As for the licenses to which you have access to this special email. Anyone with a .edu email account can get hold of all kinds of professional software for free thanks to the student or even teacher licenses. Programs such as AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, or even the Microsoft Office office suite become completely free, although with a user-focused on the educational field. When it comes to downloading them and taking advantage of this variant, they emphasize their purpose and, sometimes, cut certain functions that would move away from this area.

This access to so much software is what fuels the desire of many users to get hold of an email of this type, even if it is something so restricted and reduced to a very specific group of people. Having a .edu mail is not just opening the door to any internal communication system with teachers and students in a university, institute, or even college; It is also the best and most legitimate way to access some of the most powerful and professional programs on the market without having to make any kind of payment and if you have to, paying much lower amounts than usual.


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