How to Create a Website with a Website Builder


Have you ever thought of creating a website but withdrew simply because you aren’t a computer geek? Now is the time to pick up that thought as creating a website is as simple as A, B, C. With over millions of website being created, with the fast pace of technology growth in the world and the growing populations of internet users, any dick and Harry can now create a website regardless of technical know-how.


When using a website builder for the first time, questions like “Why build a website with website builder?” and  “What do I stand to gain using a web builder?” and some other questions comes to mind.

Using a website builder is the best pick if you wish to sell online, or you have no idea of what coding is all about. That is, you do not know how to code, you want to set your focus on content and strategy or if you cherish all-in-one convenience .On the flip side, building a website with WordPress will only be beneficial for independence, scalable properties, rear control and enhanced customizability.

The first seems pretty much easier. Just to put what you will learn here into practice, you could build your own website in an hour and half, if indeed you follow through the steps.

Steps to build a website with website builder include:

1. Choosing your website builder

Choosing a website builder is pretty easy as there are several website you can choose from. Why In the past, developing a website was way too difficult a task to do as you have to go through the rigor of building with hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and the introduction of the more advanced Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) complicated it making web building difficult and somewhat boring.

However, a lot of work has been done in recent years to simplify all of these. Hence, the advantage of web builders took care of the hellish task leaving us to focus only on the aspect of content and design via drag and drop interface and templates and all you have to do is go online, go through their terms and conditions, then get started. The recent creation of artificial intelligence (AI) just made everything better, as it creates the sites for you so you don’t have to stress.

2. Test your website builder

 Almost every website builder comes with free trial so it is best to take advantage of it in other to know how efficient they are. All you have to do is sign up then, run your test. This is pretty much of a quick step.

3. Signing up for the right plan

Since every website comes with free trial as stated in step 2, it comes along with several plans. So, you have to know which plan to choose as the plan you choose depends on your need be it a fashion website, or an art gallery showcase or a portfolio website, you should definitely go for a package that suits your need. If your website would be an ecommerce or an authority website, then you might want to go for a premium plan that gives you more bandwidth.

4. Choosing a Domain name

A domain name is an address of your website. In other words, it is where your business page can be found. While some allows you choose a sub-domain name for free, you can choose to get one distinctly by purchasing a premium plan. Search for a domain name that fits your business and which is also available, then purchase it. Afterwards, you will be given an account that can be attached to your site.

In choosing a domain name, here are some key things to note.

  • Keep your domain name simple and short, also avoid using number as this poses difficulty in remembering
  • It must be easy to remember
  • It must be peculiar to you alone that is, it must be unique
  • It must be relevant

5. Use a beautiful template

The intended template should be suitable for all mobile screen type. Not one that would be half way through the screen. So that anyone going through your website can browse through with ease. You really don’t want to ruin the user experience.

You can use a premade website template when you use a website creation tool like

6. Use a monochrome color on your page.

Here, I suggest you use white so the highlight color of the text can be obvious.

7. Design a logo

This is of utmost importance for easy recognition of your brand or products.

8. Great photographs

This really counts as bad and blur pictures are just a turnoff to people.

9. Take Search engine optimization (SEO) into consideration

This is a crucial aspect. As it helps people recognize or find your brand easily. Also it helps google rank your page.

The above are just the easy ways to build your website using a website builder. Take note of them when using a website builder for your website and you’re good to go.

One website creator I’ll recommend is You can check out their packages and they offer a good way for getting started. You can go through all of these steps with them. They offer a free trial with a sub-domain name so if that’s the right package for you, you could go for it or just subscribe to their affordable premium plan if you have the budget. It’s definitely worth checking out.


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