How to Design Navigation in Business Web Development


When you prepare the web development of your business and think about how you would like visitors to browse your information, you should consider whether to create a site with a simpler hierarchy, with fewer pages and more content, if you want your visitors to scroll through pages or you prefer to make them shorter and more clicks. Analyzing the navigation routes are an essential part of the web design process and that is why these keys on how to design the navigation in the web development of your company.

Creating a website is not a simple task, it seems easy, to whom it seems simple it may be because it has resorted to a “template-mountaineer”, but building a website is trying to create an experience with your brand, a web development It requires addressing important criteria to determine the best for your website and that you can decide the best approach for your business website.

Analyze The Needs of Your Target Visitor (buyer person)

Most people only spend a few seconds to take a look at our website, so the main key is to build your website, understanding what your ideal buyer is looking for, to whom you direct your business strategy on the internet. If you study the professional profiles of your audience, their behavior on the Internet or their consumption of online information, among other parameters, you can have some idea of ​​how they use the web pages and the time they spend, it is possible that in certain areas of your website only spend a few seconds, but in the most relevant information for your professional interests you can spend more time reading.

You can review studies, create focus group among your contacts, surveys and above all ask the people who interact with your customers, your commercial agents or your marketing staff will know the needs of your potential clients, better than an external programmer.

Web pages are no longer read, some Are Only Scanned.

A mentioned in many clothing manufacturers sites, at the beginning of the world wide web, there were already studies that talked about almost 80% of people simply scanning or taking a quick look at the web pages they were in and only 20% dedicated to reading the text carefully, you should keep this in mind when designing the navigation structure of your website. If you think about what you do when you browse the internet, you can get a reference of the behavior of visitors to your website, possibly look more at the titles, bold texts, short information blocks, lists of information elements.

From this point of view, the objective could be to create short pages and with less text, if you do not offer news posts for example you can search for simple texts that capture the attention on the key information and you can offer clear and visual messages, quickly to your visitors. A good example is ecommerce, where the detailed information of the products is within the technical data sheet or extensive description, but during the navigation it is oriented to the visitor visually and through short texts.

More Content Pages Favor SEO Positioning Strategy

Logically, each page of your website is an opportunity to rank for certain keywords, therefore, more pages logically increase the chances of being found. Websites with more pages generally have more opportunities to appear in search results and therefore generate more organic traffic. Each additional page you add to your structure will add organic visits to your domain every day. This is one of the key reasons why blogs have become powerful tools for strategies to capture opportunities in digital marketing, and this can be a good argument to establish areas of your website that can grow in number of pages.

Back to the Origins, Importance of the Pillar Pages.

Many years ago, when the bandwidth was very limited, the websites were almost all text, in recent years and in harmony with Google’s algorithm changes, there has been a resurgence of the pillar page idea, which help establish main business keywords that allow you to compete in high-volume keyword niches. Pillar pages are longer pages that have a lot of valuable content and that require a lot of displacement and time. But for that reason generate reading time, which has an impact on reinforcing the quality of the content and authority of your domain. These types of clothing manufacturers pages are oriented to convey important ideas and concepts, which also provide information on all content related to the main theme.

“Snack” Content: in Small Doses, Easy To Eat and Can Be Shared.

In short, it writes a main content that can be quickly visualized at a glance, aimed at specific objectives, based on SEO objectives, to address the web development of your company page from the perspective of attracting and keeping your visitors interested, that it will help you get better ranking in search engines. Do not forget that all pages must be different. If you have many pages of products or services that are short and that can be seen at a quick glance, you can complement them with one or two pillar pages with more extensive and valuable information to solve the doubts that your visitors may have.

In summary, each page of your website must have the critical importance of offering the user what they need in a timely manner that requires it. To create user friendly website of your business you need to hire a professional web design and development company that helps to grow your business digitally.


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