How to Download Images, Videos and Stories from Instagram

How to Download Instagram Images-Theforbiz

Surely you have wanted to download an Instagram video, photo, or story more than once but you have not known how to do it. Curiously, a social network that works by sharing photos and that is one of the most used in the world does not have this option, as if Twitter does.

From now on, you will no longer have that problem, because we are going to teach you how to download Instagram images to your mobile (and also videos and stories). Keep reading. If you would like to get free Instagram followers, just click the link

How to download videos and images from Instagram

To download photos and videos you have many applications (as well as to know who stops following you) that work perfectly, which are free and that also respect our privacy.

In Google Play you will find many more than in the App Store, such as Fast Save for Instagram, Save Download, Multisave, iSave or Instrasave. Don’t worry, because most work in a very simple way:

  • Copy the link to the photo from the Instagram app
  • Paste it in the download app we have chosen
  • Download it.

In this way we will not have to resort to the screenshots, which can make the quality suffer, nor to cut the photos with an editor.

We remember that these applications work for both images and videos.

How to download stories from Instagram

How to Download Instagram Images - Theforbiz

You can also download stories from Instagram. In this case there are only apps for devices that use Android.

One of the most used is Story Saver for Instagram and, the truth is that with managing this, it is not necessary to investigate much more.

With this app we have to register with our Instagram account and then we can see from Story Saver all the stories of our contacts. The process is as follows:

  • Click on the stories you want and click Download.
  • They will be saved in the photo gallery of the application itself. Once there we can forward them or work with them.
  • Watch out. In some apps there is a difference between saving and downloading. You will only have the stories “in your possession” if you download them and see them outside the app.
  • The stories will be downloaded with the filters and texts with which they have been uploaded.

To “download” stories from the iPhone you will have to resort to recording the screen.

Above all, remember that using, retouching, or modifying the images of others without their permission can end up worse than one imagines. A good use would be to limit it to your best friends, the trusted ones.


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