How to Find Balance between the Real and Virtual World?


Technology today has brought us many benefits such as access to information from almost anywhere in the world where we have access to the internet and from the devices that fit in the palm of our hand. Another benefit that we can find is the rapid communication with an unimaginable amount of people around the world. This technological change impacts both people and businesses to be close to their loved ones or their customers.

Social networks are a very powerful tool to get closer to people who are far away and to be able to share messages on a scale that was previously impossible. Many companies and personal brands take advantage of this technology day by day to get closer to their potential clients and to access audiences that were previously difficult to reach. The biggest problem with social networks is that most of us spend too much time seeing the people we have far away and neglecting the people we have nearby.

We must learn to use technology in our favor to have a balance between the real world and virtual life, and for this we bring some.

Recommendations to prevent technology from taking control of our lives

Have schedules to check your email: Being checking emails frequently is one of the tasks that take time away from us and distract us from daily activities, to avoid it define schedules in which you will check, sort and track the emails you receive. You should find the schedules that work best for you, for example, when you arrive at work, when you return from your meal time, and before leaving work.

Define times to review your social networks: Excessive use of social networks is one of the biggest distractions today. As the title says, they bring us closer to the people we have far away, but their excessive use distances us from the people around us. Not using the cell phone during group meals and some other similar cases are small actions that will help us to be present with people in our environment.

Work on your social skills: Social interaction is very important for our development and mental health. Interaction is a basic instinct that we have since we were little and that we are developing throughout our lives, although in general we can see that the more we grow instead of becoming more sociable, we generally become more reserved. It is important to work on our social skills both virtually and in person and maintain a healthy balance between them.

Perform more physical activities: Regular exercise or any physical activity that does not require an electronic device can help you distract your mind from technology and give you many benefits for your body and you will feel more energetic and healthier.

Take time to get away from the screens: Many times we are so involved in social networks or working on a computer that time flies by and before we realize we have been sitting in front of these devices for hours, give you the opportunity to walk away Full screens at least a few minutes every hour. Walk a little, move from your place and stretch your legs, if possible close your eyes so they can rest and thus prevent headaches.

Important points

 Here are some tips to keep technology aside and make sure we don’t waste more time than necessary on social media. Remember that the excesses are not good and that, if we do not take action now, we will discover one day having wasted all our time on social networks unproductively.

It is worth clarifying that we talk about the use of technology and social networks for entertainment. If your work involves being directly working on social networks or in any technological issue you will have to dedicate the necessary time and you can apply these recommendations for the time you devote to entertainment.

Now it is your turn to implement the actions that will help you use technology in your favor.


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