Learn how to improve your LinkedIn Company Profile

LinkedIn Company Profile

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is the perfect social network for companies, since it allows you to present yourself in your professional capacity or to recruit talent for your business. Not to mention that its use to search for products and services is currently increasing. But, do you know how you can get the most out of your page and what strategies you should use to succeed with your company profile on LinkedIn?

Although in a previous post we already gave you a series of tips, today we want to go deeper into the topic and talk about the keys that will lead you to optimize your company profile on LinkedIn to the maximum and, of course, improve engagement on this platform.

What is engagement?

Surely you have heard this term more than once, since it is a concept widely used in online marketing, but you may not yet be completely clear about what it refers to.

Engagement is the level of commitment that exists between your brand and your followers. Thanks to this commitment, a relationship of trust is generated that ultimately translates into customer loyalty.

Achieving this requires that you spend time and always look for the best way to give your customers special treatment. You should always listen to what they tell you and focus your strategy on the customer, not on sales.

If you correctly work your presence on LinkedIn, you will get not only more followers, but also more committed users with your business.

Strategies to improve the presence of your brand in your company profile on LinkedIn and improve engagement

One of the best ways to work on your brand’s engagement is to use social networks, as it is the perfect space where you can chat with your users and start building a good relationship, but sometimes we forget about LinkedIn.

This platform serves not only to create a personal brand or to do business with other companies, it is also perfect to show what you do and how you do it. If you use it well, you will be able to increase your engagement while improving the visibility of your company on the network. Don’t underestimate her!

Talk about what’s on your hands

A good idea to improve your brand’s engagement with LinkedIn is to show your followers the work you are doing. For example, imagine you have an interior decoration company. In this case you could publish a post talking about a specific project that you are especially proud of and show the final result.

In this way, your followers will see that you are a good professional and that you have satisfied customers, something that always adds points.

Introduce your team

Another of the strategies that you can use to give a greater role to your company LinkedIn is introducing the human team that is part of the company. Without a doubt a very special way to show them how valuable they are and at the same time teach your values ​​as a brand.

Let your users get to know you and your team better, teach them what they can’t see normally. This builds greater trust in your brand and, of course, can attract more users to your page.

Publish the content of your corporate blog

Nobody doubts the great benefits of having a company blog for your company: you create relevant content for your audience, you position yourself as a benchmark in your sector, you work on the SEO of your website, you increase the chances of conversions on your site.

If you also share these entries on LinkedIn, you will be promoting your business while reaching more people who are likely to become future customers and improve your positioning. All advantages!

Interact with your followers

LinkedIn is a social network and as such it is a perfect space to interact with your audience. Try to strike up conversations with them through questions you ask in your updates. You can ask them for their opinion on a specific topic or encourage them to explain their point of view.

Also, don’t forget to strengthen relationships with your followers by responding to all the comments they leave you. We all like to feel listened to and communication is a key point if you want to increase the engagement of your brand.

Share relevant information from your sector

Not all posts you make to your company profile on LinkedIn have to be your own. In fact, it is recommended that they are not if you do not want your audience to end up saturated.

A good idea is to share information from third parties that is relevant within the sector in which you move. In addition to promoting the interest of your followers, you will also be implying that you are a company that is aware of the latest trends and is not far behind.

Create your own group

One of the most useful ways to network and give visibility to your company is to create your own group on this platform where you can generate debates, disseminate content from your business and position yourself as an expert in your field.

In addition, you can also publicize the services and products you have, spread offers, attract customers or even find collaborators.

On the other hand, you will also collect very valuable information about the concerns of your audience and you can use it to improve your relationship with them.

Of course, remember that creating a group also requires investing time and effort. You must energize and moderate it, so that it always maintains a certain coherence, the established rules are complied with and it is not used as a mere bulletin board.

Participate in others groups

Although today you cannot participate in the discussions of other LinkedIn groups with a business profile, with a personal one you can. Encourage your workers to do so as it is a way of giving visibility to the brand and keeping it present in the minds of consumers.

In the end, what it is all about is making the brand alive and using all the resources available to you. It is useless to open a page on LinkedIn if you do not revitalize it later.

We are sure that with these tips you will be able to turn your page into a benchmark to consider. Do you dare with it?

And for you, what strategies have worked for you to make your company profile on LinkedIn visible?


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