How to Make a Successful SEO Strategy to Generate Leads and Traffic?


The SEO strategy of your company directly impacts your website’s traffic and the process of lead generation. Every company try their unique tactics to create the perfect SEO strategy that can contribute to the website’s popularity and brand’s success. Some people hire SEO experts while others invest in paid ads and campaigns.

However, you can’t create the best SEO strategy only with financial investments. It requires constant efforts, efficiency and proper devotion. A smart SEO strategy will assist you in making an effective SEO lead generation system that consistently provides accurate leads and proper traffic on your website.

If you are also under the process of making an SEO strategy that caters your business needs then, we are here to help you! What are the ways of generating more leads and traffic through SEO? Which tactics you should include for making a perfect strategy? Worry not; we got it all covered for you.

A successful SEO strategy consists of the following techniques:

1. Optimize the Homepage and Other Parts of Your Website:

For optimizing your website and its content, you have to follow certain steps:

  • Find the accurate keywords:You need to do proper research to find the accurate keywords that have higher search volume. Step out of the crowd by rejecting keyword stuffing and using only one to two keywords that can actually enhance your traffic.
  • Incorporate long tail keywords:The keyword phrases related to your content/businessare known as long tail keywords. They usually consist of 3-4 words, for example –“web designers in London”. You can get more attention by using such keywords related to your work field on your website.
  • Keep a check on your competitors:Spying on your competitors can be helpful in gaining backlinks which can enhance your website traffic. Make a list of websites that are linking with your competitors. It shows that they are probably interested in your business stream. So, they can be your prospects. You can use backlink checker tools for this purpose.
  • Make your website responsive:Your website should be easily accessible to both the desktop and mobile users. Users of both types of devices are important for your search engine rank. So, work on it.

2. Use Local SEO Strategies:

If you own a local business then, adding a touch of local SEO is a must for your website. Try out these:

  • Claim listings: Along with your company website, you also need to mark your presence in the online directories. This is essential for creating a strong web presence and drive traffic to your business. This online directory helps a lot of people in finding what they are searching for. The businesses that have claimed the listing would appear on top.
  • Use local keyword data in content optimization:Don’t leave any chance to tell your audience where you are located specifically if you sell products or provide services. For example, if you own a beauty products company in Delhi, use “beauty products in Delhi” and more such keywords wherever it is possible. You will get local and more specific leads through this method.
  • Generate positive reviews:Mostly customers rely on the online reviews to form an opinion about any brand. So, try to provide good services to your existing clientsand ask them to post reviews about their experiences.

3. Optimize your Blog Posts:

The blog is a basic necessity to attract more traffic to your website. Regular blog posts serve as a source to amalgamate content, keywords, backlinks, images etc. into your website. Optimize your blogs in the following ways:

  • Create regular posts: Post the blogs consistently to get the attention of your target audience. Once you are out of sight, you will also be out of their mind.
  • Publish useful content in understandable language: Try to write more on informative topics that can be useful for your audience. These should be entertaining as well. Don’t add complex words which only a fraction of people can understand. Keep your language simple and smooth.
  • Use Sub-headings: Nobody would like to read long essays to get the information. Always be precise and present your basic thoughts via sub-headings. You can explain them further in the content body. In this way, anyone can grasp a rough idea of your content in seconds.
  • Add significant links: Sometimes we can’t explain everything in a prescribed word limit. So, add links of related videos, other posts etc. to give a detailed idea of any concept. You can also use the links of your previous posts in the newer ones.

4. Improve the Speed of your Website:

Search engines also give consideration to the speed of your website. Obviously, it’s their responsibility to give a list of fast websites to the users. In addition to this, users also get easily irritated with slower websites and get information from other websites that work faster than yours.

So, here are the tips that can boost the speed of your website:

  • Select an authentic web host
  • Optimize the scripts of your website (CSS/HTML/JS). Use the WP Cache plugin to combine and minimize your files.
  • Don’t forget to optimize your images. You can use TinyPNG or ImageOptim for this purpose. WordPress users can try EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin.
  • Enable caching. WordPress users can go for WP Fastest Cache or W3 Total Cache plugin. Others can try MaxCDN.
  • Clean the website baggage by removing irrelevant scripts and plugins, deleting spam comments, fixing broken links and cleaning up your database.

5. Try Guest Posting:

Contributing to other websites through the medium of guest posts will strengthen your portfolio and brand’s image. By doing so, you can communicate to a completely new audience and make professional connections with the owner of distinct websites. Maybe people would love your writing style and also visit your website to hear more from you. It will ultimately increase your website’s traffic.

Contact SEO experts if you want professional help while creating your SEO strategy. Keep up the efforts and your website will surely rock!


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