How to use and navigate the Ads Manager


There square measure 3 ways to access your Facebook Ads Manager account:

  • Use this link that may take you to your Ads Manager account (You higher bookmark the link for fast access!)
  • Click on the drop-down arrow within the upper-right corner of any Facebook page (that you have got Admin access to) and choose “Business Manager” within the computer menu.
  • Use Facebook’s Ads Manager mobile app to access and manage your ad campaigns anytime and anyplace.

If you’ve ne’er used the ads manager before, it is quite a ton to require in initially. the majority of your screen can include four tabs:

  • Account summary
  • Campaigns
  • AdSets
  • Ads

All of your advanced reports, pixels, saved or custom audiences and alternative tools square measure offered within the high left corner of the screen wherever it says “Ads Manager”. Hover there so hover over “All Tools” within the bottom of the window to look at all of your creation, planning, activity, and plus tools you must be exploitation still as your settings for the ad account.

After reading this article you will get a lot of information about campaign ad or if you still have any kind of issue then contact our Facebook support number and hopefully you will get the solution.

How to originate a Facebook effort

In order to make a campaign, you must, after all, get on the “campaigns” tab. From there, click on the inexperienced“+Create” CTA to make a brand new campaign from scratch! Create a campaign in Ads Manager, Facebook will a decent job to guide you through creation.

Choose Your Campaign Objective

Now, on Facebook, you’ll make a choice from one or two of campaign objectives that match your advertising goals. for instance, if you’re wanting to drive traffic to a physical location you’d use “Local Awareness”. If you’re driving traffic to an internet site, you would like to use “Conversions”.

Here’s the entire list of Facebook campaign objectives available:

How to opt for your campaign objective?

Choosing your objective is very important, as Facebook uses this to see alternative components of your campaign like offered ad formats, bidding choices and therefore the manner it optimizes the campaign.

You should continuously choose the target that best reflects your required outcome for the campaign. If you’re promoting an internet site, you’ll presumably be running a conversion campaign. That’s the campaign kind we’ll produce nowadays.

If your campaign’s finish goal is to for instance submit data to you via a lead type, then you must choose the lead generation objective instead.

So, we’re making our conversions campaign.

Give your facebook campaign Ad name

After we have determined our campaign kind, let’s offer our campaign a reputation. this could appear to be a reasonably easy step, however, it’s really important to adopt helpful naming conventions for your campaigns after you begin with Facebook advertising, therefore, you’ll simply organize your campaigns as you scale and run additional of them. It additionally sets you up for hyper-efficient news shortly once it comes time to investigate your results.

For example, you must continuously embrace the date vary the campaign is going to be running in your campaign name. looking on whether or not you’re advertising for your own business or for shoppers, you’ll add additional components in your campaign name:

  • Client name/ website
  • Target Audience/ Location
  • Custom Audiences
  • Creative kind ( Video? Carousel?)
  • Facebook Page, etc

Hopefully, this provides you some smart concepts to stay your campaigns organized and change news shortly with custom campaign names. when you choose your objective, you’ll additionally favor to produce a split check on the campaign or optimize your budget.

Creating a split check, or AN A/B check permits you to run experiments and collect knowledge that shows you the simplest performing arts artistic, placement, audience and delivery improvement ways

Let’s travel and originated our audience!

Originated the Audience Targeting

Facebook offers loads of powerful ways to focus on audiences, and we’ll speak additional at length concerning making these completely different audience varieties in Chapter half-dozen. the consecutive step is wherever you’ll produce your assets or audiences.

If we expect back to the last chapter, you must recall your main ads manager screen includes a campaigns tab, assets tab, ANd an ads tab.

The ads and ad sets square measure contained at intervals your campaign, with the ads containing a particular combination of artistic ANd an ad set containing a particular audience and budget. We’ll discuss this in bigger detail in Chapter seven once we review budgets, except for currently let’s specialize in building our audience.

In this section of your campaign setup, you have 2 options:

  • Create a brand new Facebook target market
  • Use a Saved Audience

Custom or lookalike audiences square measure another very powerful targeting possibility for you. in since this is often a subject for an additional chapter: with custom audiences, you’ll produce audiences supported web site traffic with one thing referred to like the Facebook element. The element permits you to make audiences additionally to trace events (“conversions” that occur on your web site, therefore this is often one thing you’ll need to put in at once if you haven’t done so already. you wish to make these custom audiences from the assets -> audiences section of your ads manager. they can not be created throughout campaign creation.

As you build your audience, Facebook can show your calculable daily reach and tell you if your audience is simply too massive, too tiny or if it’s good exploitation the meter. you’ll target “likes” or interests on Facebook, behaviors or demographics, and build terribly specific audiences to focus on in your campaign.

Originated Your Ad Placement

By default, Facebook can have “automatic placements” elite which might embrace Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network, however usually can use the placements optimized to convey you best results. you’ll additionally favor editing your placements if you have got some knowledge on what placement works best for you.

While Facebook will a reasonably smart job auto-optimizing your ad placements, our Facebook ad price knowledge shows that the cost-per-results will disagree deeply, looking on the position you’re exploitation. this is often why split testing several components of your campaign is very necessary to try to to. you wish to grasp wherever your customers square measure and meet them there.

How to choose your Facebook ad placements?

If you’re putting in place your 1st campaign, we tend to advocate that you simply use the automated Placements.

However, if you’re attempting to urge individuals convert on your web site and it’s troublesome to navigate on mobile, deselect the Mobile Newsfeed, Instagram and Audience Network placements.

Here square measure the ad placements counseled by Facebook for each campaign objective:

  • Brand awareness: Facebook and Instagram
  • Engagement: Facebook and Instagram
  • Video views: Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network
  • App installs: Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network
  • Traffic (for website clicks and app engagement) Facebook-ad
  • Product catalog sales: Facebook and Audience Network
  • Conversions: Facebook and Audience Network

Originated Your Campaign Budget and Bidding

Your Facebook ad budget and bidding choices square measure such necessary topics, that we’ve devoted the complete Chapter seven to that.

Originated Your Facebook Ads

The actual ads square measure what users on Facebook can see, and you would like them to seem smart. this is often the ultimate step of your campaign creation method, you’ll choose your most popular Facebook ad kind and insert your ad pictures and duplicate.

There square measure 2 choices here: you’ll either choose AN existing Facebook Page post or produce new ads:

Now every one of those steps of campaign artistic square measure very necessary ANd since this guide is meant to be an exhausting manual for anyone simply obtaining started with Facebook ads, we’re dividing every section into its own chapter. Before we tend to get to Chapter 4: a Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ad varieties, let’s consider however campaign creation works with AdEspresso.

Setting Up Facebook Ad Campaigns With AdEspresso

Many people notice Facebook ads manager too complicated, clunky, and confusing to use. That’s wherever AdEspresso comes into play. AdEspresso could be a net-primarily based tool that permits. you to make complicated campaigns and split testing while not all of the additional fluff and inconvenience of exploitation Facebook ad manager.

Are you prepared for the long ride?

Now that you’ve got a general summary of however the Facebook campaign setup works, let’s dive into the small print and find out how to pick out the correct ad varieties and build fortunate ads!


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