How to Use Social Media to Study Smarter and Ensure Stellar Academic Performance


Student life is a beautiful phase we all go through and cherish for the rest of our life. But for many students who are currently enrolled in any program, it can be really tough for them to clear the course of social media, rest aside, passing through flying colors. There are certain disciplines that can be extremely tough for students to study as compared to other courses. The field of medicine is one tough discipline that students around the world find hard to pass out.

We all need to think that we need to study really hard in order to pass through a course, semester, or final exam. When it comes to medicine, it can be tough for anyone, but it is a hard notion. Getting an A in an assignment or as a final grade in a course is the ultimate goal for students. Students try to burn the midnight oil in order to pass out a tough course like anatomy but don’t know that they can do this easily too by using social media and studying smartly.

While some of you would argue that how social media can assist students in this concern, this is exactly what now will be discussed here.

Using Social Media Platforms and Apps Smartly

People around the world use social media platforms and apps and students are no exception. But it’s a common notion that students and young people use it for entertainment purposes and to hang out with their friends. But there are certain apps that anyone can use for productive ways too. For students, it is the next frontier to conquer and they are already onto it. According to the latest survey, more than 59% of students use at least one or more social media networks to take guidance about educational topics.

Students can use social media for their studies in a fun way as they already use it for the most part of their day. For example, platforms like YouTube and Facebook can be used in a positive way. Studying in a med school, students can collaborate over Skype and Messenger tools like Facebook Messenger and can make things easier for them to keep in touch even on weekends and days off.

Completing the Assignments

While for passing through the semester and final exams, you need to study and memorize certain different terms and jargons related to medicine. But for weekly or regular assignments, social media platforms can be fun and easy to use. If you want to understand a certain topic perfectly to complete an assignment or prepare for a quiz, use of Skype to connect with a friend, even out of the city can be great for students who may have no other way to do that.

There are forums like Udemy which can be a great resource for preparing for the future. Here students can learn new courses that they like and can become adept in them even before studying them in their respective med schools.

A Networking Tool

About completing assignments and studying for a quiz, students can use it as a networking tool too to make sure they are prepared for any discussion and discuss projects that may come their way. While studying medicine, students may not have to prepare just like a student in the business field or studying computer science, they still have to collaborate with other fellow students. LinkedIn can be handy for students even if they are not in the professional world yet as this platform can connect you to fellow students who are serious

Discussing other Options

It doesn’t matter that if you are studying in the best Caribbean medical school or the one in US/Canada, the way you have to discuss certain aspects related to studies is all the same. There are certain aspects for which a group discussion can be good. If you want to make sure that you can participate in group discussions regularly, you can start with Google Hangouts and then move on to other networks like VoiceThread.

Final Word

There are a number of ways to smarty and productively use anything as it can be used negatively as well. The use of social media is one such example where students can easily get lost in endless status sharing and commenting on random pictures, which is of no apparent use. I am sure, all my readers will find the information shared in this blog interesting and will try to incorporate into their student life.

If you want to know more about any of the aspects mentioned here or want to offer your feedback, you are welcome. Please use the comments section below in this concern.


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