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When you come into college there are a lot of things you must learn, you have to learn to do everything on your own including taking care of yourself and you also need to learn how to succeed in your own life, by picking up skills that you require. Many of the students coming in to college in these past few years, have experienced great difficulties in essay writing. Even though High Schools and middle schools have great emphasis on the level of discipline they exercise on their students, they do not equip students with the tools required to pick up skills like essay writing. So, when these students get enrolled in college, they cannot manage the burden of juggling work and studies, they also find it difficult to manage their time enough to be able to acquire a new skill.

As an essay writing service, our mission isn’t only to help students by writing their essay for them, but to also make life easier for them in any way possible. This means that we try our best to offer all students guidance in any form they need it, and this includes writing informational pieces, that include tips and tricks to tackle essay writing in college.

When learning essay writing you need to know the basics, such as the differences between the various types of essays, for example many people think that a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay are the same thing, when in fact the persuasive essay is only half as thorough as an argumentative essay, and only covers one side of the argument, with the writers aim of persuading the reader. On the other hand an argumentative essay, is one where the writer writes with the aim of informing the reader. S/he present all the arguments on both sides, and allow the reader to develop their own point of view.

Another thing a student should know are the elements of essays that distinguish the academic essays from the other kinds of essays. One such element is the thesis statement. A thesis statement, give the reader an idea of what they can expect from the essay, they know what the essay is about from the title, but the thesis statement tells the reader what perspective of the topic will be presented in the essay. It is supposed to help the reader get an idea of what they should be expecting. Many students face difficulties in writing a thesis statement, because they are either completely unaware of this element of essay writing, or they are too confused to know how to write it best.

So, we asked our expert writers that do your assignments for you, to reveal some of their trade secrets – how does one write a good thesis statement, and these are the tips they shared with us:

  • Precision – The very first thing a good thesis statement needs to be is “precise”, it needs to be exactly related to your essay and shouldn’t be about anything else. If the statement you have written is about something other than your topic, or deviates from the contents of your essay, then it is not a thesis statement. Precision is important because the reader needs to decide, very quickly whether the essay is in fact what they are looking for or not, and that is why your thesis statement needs to be solid. It also needs to be well crafted and requires that it be about one specific topic.
  • Concise – Another trait of a good thesis statement is that it should also be very concise, meaning that it should not be more than one or two sentences long. It should also not give too much away, however it should tell the reader what they can hope to find in the essay or paper. It often happens that may students are so unsure of what they are supposed to write in their thesis statement, that they end up writing a paragraph, One trick that can help you counter this problem is that when you are at your outline stage, you can mark all the points that you think define your essay, these points should not be too many, rather they should be two or three points that will help you sum up the gist of your essay.
  • Clear – Another trait of a good thesis statement is that it should be clear, the thesis statement should be a statement about the topic, and the approach the writer has used in regards to said topic. It should not be vague or unclear in its meaning, rather it should tell the reader very clearly what it is they are writing about. Clarity is something that reflects the writer’s own intentions and understanding of the topic, hence it is important that they write a thesis statement that clarifies to the reader, what they should be expecting from the essay. Many a times, a clear thesis statement is the one that intrigues the reader.
  • Not too revealing – While a thesis statement should have a gist of what the essay contains, the writer should not make the mistake of letting the reader know everything there is to know about the essay in the first section. Build on the readers intrigue and pull them in, although keeps a thesis statement a little detailed so that the reader can decide whether .the essay or research paper is actually worth reading
  • No particular order – A very common mistake among students, when they take on their essay writing, is that they tend to write the thesis statement first. It helps to remember that there is no strict rule about the writing order of a thesis statement, rather if the student prefers they can wait till the end of their essay to write a final thesis statement that will be tailor made specifically for their own work.


So, while writing an essay, or even a thesis statement for an essay can be quite tricky, it is important to remember the above traits. Even when you are reading through material for your own paper, you should look for these traits to help yourself stay away from the papers that will waste your time.

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