Importance of Regular Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance


When an air conditioner is newly purchased then one must make sure that in future it will require time to time maintenance and repair. The air conditioning repair does not only mean repairing the parts of the equipment but it also mean servicing and installation as and when required. There are two types of air conditioning systems. One is a centralized air conditioning system and the other one is a split system air conditioning system. Both work in the same way. But the split system air conditioners are smaller in size in compared to the central ones. Another feature of the room ACs could be that they are quite expensive to operate. The room in which the air conditioner is located can cool only that particular room in which it is located.

The major parts of the air conditioner could include two fans, a thermostat controller, a motor and a compressor. Dirt and dust is the biggest enemy of the air conditioners. This is because it lowers the efficiency of the coils present inside the machine and obstructs the movement of the fan that is used to blow out the cool air. It also blocks the filters and drains ports from which the dirty water may leave the machine. When such situations arise in the machine then the air conditioning repair could be the best solution for all these issues.

Any sort of repair in the air conditioner should be done by a professional and experienced serviceman. The reason behind this is because all the different parts or components of the machine like the compressor, the motor, and the coils are completely sealed. If it is tiring to be repaired by a common man then he may damage something or even hurt himself. The air conditioning repair at regular intervals would surely help the unit to run well for a long period of time.

Due to the regular maintenance, the minor repairs could be easily fixed without spending much cost on it. Whereas if the maintenance is done only when the unit is creating some sort of problem then it may involve a huge cost on air conditioning repair. During the winter days, the air conditioners are not in use so it is advisable to protect the unit from being damaged by coving the outside unit from an AC cover or sheets of plastic. The other way could be by removing the unit and storing it at a safer place.

As the machine is connected with electricity, so there is a certain amount of risk while handling it, some of the measures while the air conditioning repair is mentioned below:

  • Unplug the air conditioner before doing any sort of work with the air conditioner.
  • A capacitor is a part of the air conditioner which is located near the fan and it stores electricity. So, it is preferable to discharge it before use, this is because even after the unit is turned off the capacitor has current flowing in it.
  • Try not to fix the problem on your own in the machine. It is beneficial to call a professional technician for air conditioning repair
  • Any problem in the remote as well should not be fixed on your own. A technician will solve it in a better way. Only when it comes to changing the battery of the remote then it could be done on one’s own

It is very important to know that when a technician is called for air conditioning repair then it is assured to get good and positive results which may be missing while doing it on your own.


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