Incredibly Amazing Advantages of Subway Tiles Backsplash

Subway Tiles

Subway tile is known for the glazed white shine that was once used in the form of white tiles in New York City subway terminals in the year 1900s. In the present era, the use of subway tiles has expanded to home and workplaces. If you choose subway tile backsplash for your bathroom or kitchen, it would be a great option because of their contemporary take on custom and classic designs.  Given below are three reasons that you must consider before incorporating subway tiles into your home decor – 

  • Stylish No-brainer – Subway tiles are a stylish no-brainer that can easily fit most of the home decor and architectural styles. If you surround your shower or bath with subway tiles, you can easily add backsplash to the bathroom countertop for a simple and clean look that will suit a variety of decorative tastes. Also, white, pastel and neutral tones are a very great choice for the vacation properties, if they’re renovating the home for sale. Consider going beyond the traditional monochromatic glazed tiles with the variety of colors and tonal variations at your home. Subway tiles can easily complement your traditional decor or Tuscan, Mediterranean, typical art deco and contemporary styles. There are some trending styles which are made to resemble elegant and classy decor styles. For example – eternal limestone’s offer a great porcelain subway tile format which is virtually identical to the limestone look available in the subway tile size. 
  • Showcases Architectural and Decorative Features – Whether you’re using subway tiles for your bathroom backsplash or kitchen, the size and shape of subway tiles make them a great backdrop for enhancing decorative features like mirrors, cabinets, lightning or windows. If you’re the one designing with contemporary or simple styling in mind, white subway tiles will provide you a great background for the stainless steel background appliances. You can easily extend the use of subway tiles from the bath backsplash to the kitchen one and other areas of the room. It will create a visual interest for subway tile classic appearance in your bathroom or kitchen. 
  • Unlimited style – Subway tiles can stand alone however you can expand its potential to decor ideas by using it with a variety of tile accents. Add up modern accents to your old themes and install metal accents in the subway tile backsplash in order to coordinate with bathroom fixtures and appliances. 

To briefly conclude, subway tiles create a blank canvas for adding textural and visual interest. Consider inserting a pop of color and a strip of glass mosaic tile, this will definitely make an innovative design for yourself. 

So, are you ready to get started? With the advantages of using subway tiles, you can remodel your bathroom or a plan out a comprehensive professional project as subway tiles will get the job done. 


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