Schools concentrate on 100% pass percentage and parents want their children to be first rankers. No one ever asks them what they want to become or what they want to do in their life or with their life. Without knowing anything or understanding anything they just pressurize them to score good marks and get good grades.

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Students just mug up the things and write in their exams and clear them. The pressure levels are too high, so much so that they only concentrate on getting the marks but do not focus on actually acquiring knowledge.

However, with the evolution of technology, things such as digital learning are replacing these blackboards with projectors and screens where students get to know about particular concepts in detail. Students like to visualize things, and they can grasp them easily when presented in a practical manner. That is the reason why they have more interest in video games and movies as they can understand the things easily when said like a story or when they experience it. They may not experience it in a realistic way, but in a visual way, they can get the concepts.

There are many videos on YouTube that include rhymes, physics concepts, mathematics formulae and many more. These create interest in learning, and they can gain more knowledge that helps them get good grades. There are many platforms that are present such as Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, Kahoot, Docebo, Udemy, Skillshare, Byjus that provide digital learning with many additional features.

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Here, I want to detail one such platform i.e. Kahoot. It was founded by Johan Brand, Jamie Brooker and Morten Versvik. It currently has 50 million active users. Kahoot is a game based learning platform which induces learning by evolving relative theories into puzzles and interactive games. It is an educational technology and social learning platform used in schools and institutions.

The introduction of Kahoot e-learning software has replaced the old-school technique of education as the traditional blackboards are no longer required in a classroom set up. It is interactive and includes quizzes and games that can be played from different browsers and mobile phones through a single interface. It is available in different languages like English, French and Spanish.

However, there are several other Kahoot alternatives, which are gaining popularity in the education industry. Few of them have been identified below:

  1. Google classroom – It is the other platform where we can access Google docs, Gmail and calendar. We can make the use of Google docs, forms and spreadsheets through which sharing becomes easy. It makes the tasks of creating classrooms, communicating and distributing assignments in an organized manner. The assignments are present in the calendar and students can keep a track of them. Notification options are also available which serves as a reminder to several students. This makes the work of a lecturer easier to check the submitted records and give the students their grades and feedback then and there itself. It is a wonderful alternative to Kahoot.
  1. Canvas – It is another alternative of Kahoot that makes sure that the user has no problem regarding the usage of the application and the main priority of the user is his work. It is reliable, time-saving and available on mobile devices. Besides basic things like assignments sharing and feedbacks, it also has graphical analytics report engine. It can be used to measure the effectiveness of the content.
  1. Acadly – It is another real-time tool we can use for polling, attendance, question and answers, analytics etc., making it useful for both students and teachers. With just one click we can complete the attendance and it saves the mechanical effort that a teacher has to go through every day. It has built-in chat function that helps the students to interact before and after class hours and a variety of free learning tools that provide a unique course structure.
  1. Popplet – It is a free mobile application available in Android and iOS that can be used to capture and organize your ideas. It can help students to think visually as it gives an opportunity of connecting dots when assigned with a complicated task. It brings the relationship between the facts, thoughts and images by capturing them. It also helps the officers to generate ideas and plan their projects. Enables them to take the required notes and help them to organize their thoughts to take a bigger step.
  1. Udemy – Last but not least application is Udemy that is helpful for students, institutions and business people. We can say it is aimed at professional adults. It is easy to use, consists of different courses regarding academics, health and fitness, music and technology. The students mainly aim to improve their job-related skills. The only issue is that it is a bit expensive depending upon the courses. Not only that, it also enables users to create a course of their own, promote it and earn money.
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