Led Parking Lot Lights & Led Street Lights


LED street lights combine giant savings potential with superior lighting performance relative to incumbent technologies. LEDs are mainly suited for street lighting applications (particularly “cobra-head” lights) and provide several advantages, including:

LEDs are highly energy efficient. While compact fluorescent lamps newly have been touted as the standard in green lighting, LEDs actually have double their energy competence. They use 15 percent of the energy of an incandescent bulb while creating more light per watt. LEDs produce 80 lumens per watt; traditional streetlights may only muster 58 lumens per watt.

LED lamps utilize very little electricity. While installed in your housing society or locality, you are sure to benefit from them even in terms of the monthly electricity bill you’d have to pay post their installation as, in all likelihood, the electricity bill would only go do down by a important amount because of the energy efficient nature of LED lights. LED lights are without any hesitation a cost-cutting investment too in the long run.

There are several advantages of Led Parking Lot Lights as following mentioned

Reduced energy costs:

Led are able to achieve equivalent or enhanced light output while consuming 50% to 70% less power compared to their HID counterparts. Many utilities provide special tariffs for LED streetlights based on rated wattages, which are normally much lower than HPS streetlights. These avoided energy cost savings aid to offset the higher initial cost of LEDs.

Lowered Maintenance Costs

Led Parking Lot Lights last longer, requiring fewer trips up the pole to replace burnt-out lamps. As a solid-state lighting technology, LEDs are more resistant to vibration as well as impact. One of the most attractive features of Led Street Lights is the promise of lower maintenance costs compared to conventional HID fixtures.

Reduced light trespass: LEDs are inherently directional light sources, meaning that they may place the light where it is most required as well as reduce light going in unwanted directions (such as into residences through windows).

Enhanced controllability: LEDs ensures for instant on/off and light level adjustment, making them more suited for use with advanced lighting control systems. These systems may make additional energy savings by dynamically adjusting light levels based on real-time lighting needs.  For example, in the event of emergency controllable lighting could prove helpful to first responders who might need to boost (or even decrease) lighting.

Long Lifespan

Burned out street lights are a nuisance while driving or walking at night. Bright lighting aids us stay awake as well as stay aware of our surroundings. Due to LED street lighting’s long lifespan, your city won’t have to worry about changing out bad bulbs. The charge of LED street lights might be more expensive, but they decrease energy usage as well as the need for additional maintenance.

No Warm Up Necessary

Street lighting is important for safety. Yet, once the temperature drops, incandescent or fluorescent lighting may take too long to warm up before even turning on. LED lighting thrives in cold weather, as heat is the enemy of LED bulbs. By setting LED street lights, there is no more waiting around for the bulbs to warm up. They are immediate on, every time.


Led Parking Lot Lights & Led Street Lights Advantages of LED Street Lighting Lowered Maintenance Costs and Long Lifespan


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