List Of Celebrities Who Have Millions Of Followers On Instagram


    Ever thought of interacting with celebrities? Don’t you all think that Instagram played a huge role in turning our fantasies into reality? The social platform, Instagram, with its unique features, is working as the connecting bridge between the fans and the celebrities, and this fact is just breaking the walls of popularity and fan-following.

    The time celebrities got more into the Instagram thing; the app changed its functionality from social platform to the medium-of-admiration. Since the celebs have marked their presence on Instagram, the fans couldn’t resist seeing the lifestyle and other activities which their celebs do in their personal lives.

    Gone is the time when the excitement was just a word of feeling that merely be expressed. Now, it can even measure! Yes, the excitement of the fans could be measured by the number of followers on Instagram. Many of the stars have also crossed the century-outline, and still, their fans are not coming slow. The fact that fans do not have to wait for new releases to glance at their favorite celeb is exciting the pulses of many.

    Do you even know apart from you, how many more are being crazy about your favorite celebrity? If not, then scroll down and have a look at the number of followers that your favorite one is holding on Instagram.

    The football champ- Cristiano Ronaldo

    We all know the craziness of fans when it comes to their favorite football player. Ronaldo, a prominent name in sports, is also taking the leads on social media too. The enthusiastic player exactly knows how to turn the tables around him! Feats of shots, inspiring personality, and the suited-booted portraits of the champion always drive fans crazy. Ronaldo with 150 million Instagram fans is just breaking the walls from huge fan-following to the great admiration of fans.

    Hold your mic- it’s Ariana Grande!

    Ariana with a scale of 161 million fans on Instagram holds a reputed victory of fan-following.  With her sheer and harmonious vocal, Grande just captured the hearts of many. The famous pop-singer initiated her career at a very young age and by beautifully balancing her two skills; acting and singing. Fans couldn’t resist being in the loop with their favorite singer and the list followers on Instagram just got hit from 140 to 159.9 million. Wonder how amazing this sounds, such fan-following much wows!

    Our all-time favorite glamorous lady- Kylie Jenner

    Hold down, a lady with glam is about to steal the spotlights!  Kylie, a perfect example of “beauty with a brain” caught the attention of her fans, from across the globe. The Instagram of Kylie is more like an escapism fantasy-world which one must swipe through to excite the pulses. The Instagram lifestyle of a talented lady is more about private jets, pool parties, shopping plazas, Lambos, wearing movie celebrity leather jackets, and what not! Do you know how many followers the lady has on Instagram? It’s 144.1 million!

    Bold to be told- its Kim Kardashian

    The famous actress and the lady of glam- model Kardashian by marking her presence on Instagram, is already holding the attention of 145 million fans. The high number of photos, portraying the glamorous lifestyle of the gorgeous lady and videos of dancing with celebs has turned over the tables for Kim. Fans are much excited to see their favorite celeb on the social platform and couldn’t resist following. After all, its all about the life of a talented lady with charm and beauty! 

    All done and dusted- Because of its Rock!

    The famous wrestler, along with his battles, has been winning the heart of his fans, for years. Fans were much curious to know the workout schedule of their beloved fighter and the celeb didn’t disappoint his fans. Rock, on and off share his workout photos and videos with his fans. The wrestler keeps his fans up-to-date with his preparations for the forthcoming competition. The 150.2 million followers of Rock just got cutest vibes when they saw that a man with solid muscles has the heart of a child. Fans couldn’t stop praising Rock when he shared his loving pictures with his friends. Instagram of Rock is like sugar-candy coated with solid covering- tough to see, sweet to experience!

    These are the celebrities that are giving us complete oh-my-heavens kind of vibes with the excessive number of followers on Instagram. Who knew a simple account could lead to a million followers? Well, it does- in the most surprising yet wow-inspiring way! If you think your favorite one is left out then feel free to add the name in the list.


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