How a Non-designer Make an Excellent Logo with the Online Tool—DesignEvo Logo Maker?


In this article, you are going to learn how to make your own logo for your website or brands with the help of online graphics tool. This kind of graphics designing service especially meets the needs of people who have zero designing-related experience and want to finish the task quickly.

The design of a logo comes from the understanding of the brand. The best logos are used visual elements to tell the customer its brand. They communicate the attitude and culture of the company with the audience. The logos are the Speechless spokesperson of your brand.  To be used on the various communication media such as Email signing, business card, labels, T-shirt, advertising, etc. to get more exposure.

For people with a limited budget, and you are who are well familiar with your brand concept and mission, so it would be quite feasible to design your logo accessing the online program to get it done.

There is massive logo generating programs in the graphics software market, and in this post, DesignEvo would take as an example to show you how to make a logo with an online platform.

What is DesignEvo Logo Maker?

Like the most logo maker, DesignEvo prebuilt a wide range of logo template for users to have some inspiration to work their logo. Also, it is necessary to prepare a vast designing elements stock for users to customize the logo. Powerful editors are not excepted.

DesignEvo offers nearly 10,000 various themes logo template and an extensive collection of resources including 1,000,000 icons, hundreds of fonts and shapes available. Therefore, you have a strong designing resource stock to personalize your logo.

How to create a logo with DesignEvo in three steps?

You can design a beautiful logo effortlessly with simple steps. The operation is intuitive, just select the icon most appropriate to your needs, enter the company name, brand or slogan and complete the logo creation procedure, with the possibility of further modifying color, style, rotation and other features.

Let’s see how to create the custom logo start from scratch steps step by step easily.

Adding icons and shapes

There are many tabs of icons and vector shapes to choose from, whatever the elements you want, travel, food, education, photo studio, technology, etc … You will find the appropriate ones to add, to facilitate the search, just type the one of which you need and related icons will match the keywords you have typed.

After choosing the icon, you can customize it in style and color, you can use circles, rectangles, triangles and lines to level the logo and make it look like as professional as possible.

Editing the logo font and text

The logo is usually a combination of icons and text, adding the logo name and the slogan is a great choice. There are hundreds of fonts to use. Besides, you can change the color, the size, the alignment to make it better.

Previewing and download the logo

After customizing the logo, you can preview the logo to check out how it will be applied to the various objects, such as the business card, website, envelope, T-shirt, etc.

After checking the logo, you can quickly download it to your computer in a compressed file, containing image files in transparent PNG, JPG. 


It is super-easy to use DesignEvo to make a logo. This very intuitive web-based tool that does not require professional design skills, no software download is required and registration is a reliable option for you to finish the job.


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