Markhor Wear is Not Acquainted with Markhor Live


Markhor Wear & Markhor Live are 2 Separate Companies

At Markhorwear customer support department, we have been receiving complaints and queries from shoppers who had a bad experience shopping at markhor live. After receiving multiple queries of this nature, we were led to believe that customers are confusing Markhor Live with markhor wear. Noticing the customers’ confusion regarding the matter, we have decided to issue this press release to clarify that Markhorwear is not linked with Markhor live in any way.

Markhorwear is a brand that deals in high-quality leather products and provides its customers with excellent support. The website at which you can buy markhorwear products is;, and the helpline that can be used to contact markhorwear’s customer service is;  (800) 368-1203. Any website other than the one mentioned above is not related to Markhorwear. Hence, if you intend to buy from markhorwear, you can only do so by visiting the mentioned website.

Pricing at Markhorwear

Markhorwear sells its products at the prices that are mentioned on the product pages. To clarify the matter further, Markhorwear does not charge an additional amount of $17 for any purchases made on the brand’s website. The only other charges a customer has to pay in addition to the product’s price, are the shipping costs. For reader’s reference, attached below is the shipping charges’ structure followed at markhorwear:

Standard FREE Shipping

Estimated Delivery Time 17 – 22 Working Days, Cost FREE

Speed Up/Expedited Shipping

Estimated Delivery Time 8 – 12 Working Days, Cost $9.95

The cost structure is the same for every buyer who visits markhorwear’s website and makes a purchase. However, if any customer shops at Markhor Live and gets charged an additional amount, Markhorwear cannot compensate the customer. The customers are hereby advised to contact the relevant brand to get their issues resolved. As for those shopping at markhorwear, no shopper has to pay any hidden charges for any product.

Additionally, it is worth bringing to the reader’s notice that Markhor Live doesn’t have an official contact number or helpline. In case any buyer wants to purchase from the brand, he/she should be aware of that. And in-case of any problems, markhorwear’s customer support Representatives won’t be able to help the shoppers with any issues they faced while shopping at Markhor Live.

Markhorwear has customer-friendly policies

In the midst of this confusion, Markhorwear deems it necessary to inform the readers that the company has the highest standards when it comes to customer support. The company’s aim is to serve its customers. Hence, we strictly refrain from practices and acts that may cause any annoyance or inconvenience to our customers.

Markhorwear prides itself as a brand that caters to its customers’ complaints and is always keen to provide them with any reasonable support they may require. However, the company does not take responsibility to resolve issues faced by shoppers at any website other than The policies practiced at markhor wear to ensure a smooth shopping experience are listed below;

Return & Refund Policy

Markhorwear has a refund policy in place – for events where a customer is unsatisfied with the product, he/she has received. For more information regarding the return and refund policy, kindly visit;

Privacy Policy

Markhorwear guarantees to keep its customer’s data secure and safe. To view the company’s privacy policy in detail, kindly visit;

Exchange Policy

For customers who want to get the received product exchanged for another item, markhorwear has an exchange policy in place. To review the policy in detail, kindly visit;

Shipping Policy

Markhorwear ships the products both locally and globally and to clarify matters regarding shipments, has a shipping policy that can be viewed at;

Terms of Service

To ensure a smooth shopping experience, markhorwear requires the users to agree to the terms of service. To view the terms in detail, kindly visit;

Advice for the online shoppers

Markhorwear regrets the losses incurred by online shoppers. However, to avoid such mishaps in the future, shoppers are recommended to only shop at authentic websites.

Markhorwear hereby advises readers to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of a brand before making a purchase. If any shopper decides to purchase from Markhor live and suffers any loss, Markhor Wear will not be responsible.

The brand will not cater to the complaints regarding problems encountered by shoppers while shopping at Markhor Live or any brand other than markhorwear itself.  


Markhor Wear.

About Markhorwear

Markhor Wear is all about revolutionizing leather wear. Our unmatched wear is produced with
an intense focus on quality. Our strict quality standards are there to ensure our customers get
the very best, every time they shop at markhorwear. We’re a leatherwear brand delivering best-in-class leather products (mainly Jackets and Belts) since 2019.

To learn more about the company, visit;


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