Most Successful Business Opportunities to Start From Home in 2019


A job earlier meant getting up early in the morning, dosing you with tea, getting tossed in a metro, and spending 12 hours in an office. But in 2019, this “9 to 5” mentality is being changed and it’s all down to the endless possibilities provided by the internet. Several people are nowadays ditching their jobs and becoming financially independent, web-based entrepreneurs who comfortably work from their home. Question is how can you become one of these people?

There are a plethora of possibilities and there are numerous ways to make money online. But it all depends on your personality, your strengths, and what you see yourself doing.

Following we’re going to go over viable options to start online businesses in 2019. You can start these businesses with little or no money at all.

1. Jump On Board The Booming E-Publishing Industry

Earlier publishing your own books used to be a long, hard process that required time, effort, and a publisher willing to take a chance on you. Now Amazon has opened up a whole new world of possibilities with Kindle. People all over the world are able to self-publish their very own books as independent E-Publishers and maybe you’re not the kind of person who sees themselves writing books for a living. But you don’t stop reading. There is still a possibility that you can make a fortune from the independent E-Publishing industry by hiring ghostwriters to write your books for you. And with the right approach, you can make this into an extremely profitable business.

Pro Tips

  • Price the book at low cost and then market the book easily on various websites.
  • You can post excerpts of the book on social media sites to get people hooked.
  • Also creating an awesome email list
  • Only once the book has reached the top 10,000 ranking, raise the price.

Writing Ebooks is a great choice, mainly, it doesn’t have to be a full-time job to be successful. There are many writers who only spend about 30 minutes each day working on their books. And you can outsource by hiring ghostwriters, and become more of a publisher than a writer.

 2. Turn Your Hobby into Business

This one can include blogging, creating websites, YouTubing, putting out podcasts, or giving the webinar. But all these online businesses have one thing in common that is selling your expertise and knowledge about a particular area of interest. For example, maybe you’re a guy who knows all about the best sneakers and the newest styles, or maybe you know all about train sets.

I know a plenty of people out there who started their business as merely a hobby and simply talking about their interests. This is one online business that can really grow to epic proportions, and soon you’ll find yourself with massive brand deals and an audience of several million, provided you are dedicated. Recently, there are many new business models like Hyperlocal is getting emerged and maybe you can even try something out of this type. Moreover, the best thing about this business idea is that you’re doing something you feel passionate about and you can take it to such an epic level. There is absolute freedom. Keep the content original and you are good to go.

3. SAAS – Software As A Service

In case you don’t already know, the term “SAAS” means software as a service. This might sound a little mysterious and complicated but it’s really simple. Some examples of SAAS include Google Drive, Dropbox, WebEx, and many others that you probably use every day. And the general concept behind SAAS is that you have to pay to use them, these applications generally rely on subscription fees.


It might sound slightly unfair provided the widespread availability of free apps in 2019 and keeping in mind that the fees can be quite low. For instance, Google Drive only charges users a few bucks per month in order to access hundreds of gigs worth of storage. But even with this low number, the profits start to seriously accumulate given the fact that millions upon millions of people worldwide use and count on these services.

How Does It Work?

Think of yourself as a middleman. For example, an online business selling clothes, you provide the photos of models wearing the clothes, the sizing information, details about the clothes, and contact information for anyone who has more questions about the product. And when they place an order, your supplier makes money, you get a cut, and everyone is merry.

This is the easiest ways to make money online and if you can handle the heavy lifting of creating a great website, marketing your products, and getting customers, there’s really no downside to this type of business.


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