Packaging Tips for Temperature Controlled Shipping:


Giving the best end product to the customers is the sole motive of any goods manufacturing company. If you also own such a company then, you can understand the importance of customer reviews and their satisfaction.

Sometimes, we have to ship products from point A to B. Products that are going to be shipped need different packaging that can save them from any harm as they travel from the starting to the final point.

Some particular goods like food products, chemicals etc. can’t be kept above a specific temperature because they are perishable. So, we have to ship such products in a temperature controlled way which requires special efforts.

Each shipment is unique so, there is a lot to consider while packing it in a temperature controlled way. We are presenting some tried and tested tips for packaging goods for temperature control shipping.

Know Product’s Dimensions to Pack Accordingly:

Measuring the dimensions of your freight is essential for selecting the right package. The length, width and height of your product are much more significant than its weight. This is the first step for packing your product.

Measure the dimensions of every product accurately as these will be required for getting the right box for the product. You will end up buying a smaller or larger box than the actual size if you won’t measure these dimensions. Packing your product in an oversized box won’t be right as you would need more fillers or pads to keep the product in place. The package will also take more space than actually required.

Select the Right Packaging Box:

Box or the container is the most important thing that is required to keep a product safe. But, in the case of temperature-controlled shipping, the container should have the qualities to maintain the specific temperature of a product.

Now, every product has different temperature needs so, you should choose one from the following options of temperature controlled shipping boxes as per your requirements:

  • Cardboard Boxes: These boxes are cheap and easy to seal. It is one of the most popular packaging options in the temperature controlled packaging industry. These boxes are better for gel refrigerant packs than the dry ice as dry ice cannot be packed in plastic.
  • Wooden Boxes: Wooden boxes are also a good option for the shipment of perishable products like poultry, meat and seafood items. You can use wooden boxes for shipping frozen foods as it allows the extra pressure to escape the package. These are also compatible with dry ice.
  • Plastic Containers: If your product can be harmed due to moisture then, you should opt for plastic containers to pack them. These boxes won’t let excess moisture enter into your product box so; they are ideal packaging material for temperature sensitive goods. You can also easily stack them.
  • Styrofoam Boxes: These boxes are great protectors and durable enough to ship without any extra precautions. Styrofoam boxes are also available with their own seals but, that can be quite expensive. If you are looking for a cost-effective method then, choose individually wrapping boxes.
  • Foil Bubble Bags:There are many pouch manufacturers that produce foil bubble bags. If you need to maintain the temperature below 5 degree Celsius then, choose this type of packaging. 

Ensure to Keep an Eye on the Temperature:

What if due to some problem the temperatures of your product cross the specific temperature limit during shipping? How would you know about that instantly? Yes, keeping an eye on the temperature of your product while shipping is very important. You can implement the security measure only if you know that the product’s temperature is not under control.

There are many methods of monitoring the temperature of your goods:

  • Thermochromic Ink: You can print the labels and other important information on the shipment packages with thermochromic ink. Now, you must be thinking about what’s so special in this ink? This ink changes colour when the product is stored at the wrong temperature. This ink can give instant information about any temperature issue.
  • Temperature Sensitive Labels: These labels contain small heat sensitive indicators sealed under heat resistant transparent windows. These labels also show the exact temperature of any product through the temperature bar. Reversible temperature labels can be used again and again.
  • Temperature Data Loggers: If you are storing the temperature sensitive goods before transit then, you can opt for temperature data loggers to monitor the temperature of the place where these boxes are kept. These are portable and can measure the temperature of your goods for a long period of time.
  • Wireless Temperature Tracking System: People who ship high volumes of products can invest in these wireless systems to keep a regular check on the temperature of their products. You can also monitor such devices via the internet.

Make Sure that You Have the Right Type of Insulation:

After selecting the right container, now it’s time to look for the right type on insulator. There are various forms of insulation available in the market such as liners, pre-lined boxes, fillers and pads. These insulators come in varied price ranges so; check every option before you choose one.

If you have selected a Styrofoam box then, you don’t have to worry about the insulators as it contains built-in liners. For those who have selected other boxes, several liners and pads are available in thermal or bubble-like fabric. You can place these inside the container to maintain the temperature of the goods.

These insulators are essential to keep perishable items fresh and safe. You can use air bubble bags and packing peanuts for protecting the products from the force. Contact pouch manufacturers to purchase air bubble bags in bulk for your products.

So, you can ship temperature sensitive products and perishables with convenience by keeping these things in mind. Everything from the type of container to insulator and the type of stamps is dedicated to one goal, which is delivering the best end product to the buyers.


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