Pathway To Illustration Design: List Of Resources You Need To Know


From traditional methods of drawing illustrations to digital software and tools, the field of illustration and design has been constantly changing. This change is not adverse instead; it has brought positivity in the realm of art. However, becoming well versed about learning digital art becomes arduous at times and since these design tools have such comprehensive features, an individual cannot spend his time searching about every single tool present in the software.

If you believe that you can turn your passion for illustration into a profitable profession then the first thing you have to do is to learn its basics. This is not a core requirement as you can learn through practice but if you grasp the details and techniques involved in illustration designing then it will not open any shortcomings in the future.

Whether it is an online course or an online magazine, we have compiled a list of design sources and platforms that you can utilize for enhancing the notion of learning. Here are the tutorials, channels,andplatforms you need to know before you set out to create your very first illustration.


The website painterartist.comis owned by Corel itself and it is equipped with amazing tutorials and learning material that beginner level designers or illustrators can take great advantage of. There are advanced level tutorials also available so if you happen to be a professional illustratorwith the intention to polish your knowledge, and skills further so you can simply rely on this website. This website provides you with lessons and tutorials that are entirely based on Corel Painter. The art of drawing Manga is widely discussed on this platform so we can say with confidence that it is an exceptional recommendation for to-be Manga artists.

Creative Live

The notion of e-learning has been spread everywhere and due to it becoming so common, we are presenting to you Creative Live that illustrators can access for live broadcast based classes or tutorials. It works like an online art education site that caters to a worldwide audience. No matter where you are located, you can access Creative Law if you intend to hone your design skills. However, this platform comes with a free-to-use plan that lets you view classes that are only live and if you want to watch them later then you would have to purchase them.


Almost every illustrator or graphic artist is well aware of Adobe Illustrator and it has been used by them at some point too. However, it is difficult to grasp the knowledge of using each tool and feature at once since Illustrator is so extensive and detailed that no novice artist can understand it by using it once. has introduced a number of short courses that range from beginner to advanced levels. One can avail these courses and learning material to have a better grip at using Illustrator tools.

Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ is a prominent name in the list of digital art tutorial providers. This platform provides you with instructions and details that are unpaid and you can avail the content regarding your design queries from its website. Whether it is tutorials for illustration design or graphic art, this website is filled with essential details that cover every basic to expert level designing topics. You can also gain access to drawing tutorials for design tools and software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. If you are looking for a way to quick learning then it is a credible platform.

Digital Arts Online

A blog solely dedicated to design and illustration can be handy as well. Digital Arts Online is an online magazine that focuses more on blog posts concerned with illustration techniques, trends and the tips required to become well-versed about the notion of digital designing. Whether your query is about how to create a fantasy illustration or you want to acquire basic tips regarding design tools, the content on this site is not written for certain design software. That is why if you happen to be working on Adobe Illustrator or Autodesk Sketchbook, you should not fret, as you will find content relevant to it.

PPLLUV Process

Open source sites for designers to collaborate and share their work are not many but PPLLUV Process is a platform that brings all the professional designers at one place. Even if you are not an expert illustrator but you still want to learn from the pros, then you can avail the material you want from this website without any hurdles. Whether it is a problem related to creativity or it is a tutorial based on graphic art, PPLLUV Process is a full-fledged package of video content and files that are available to you after you have purchased this design service.

Affinity Designer

An illustration design software, Affinity Designer is popular among professional digital artists. It might not have replaced Adobe Illustrator but if you are looking for an alternative then this design tool is a reliable alternative. The developers have even started a YouTube channel that has tutorials, design material that individuals can acquire, and view for free. The video tutorials encompass various topics in a detailed manner but since the visuals used in the video tutorials have pleasing aesthetics, the viewer does not get bored.


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