Planning to Move UK for Further Studies? Here’s All You Need to Know!

uk for further studies

Congratulations – you deserve a pat on the back! 

We are proud, you are just about to take another big step in your educational career. We know, the journey wasn’t easy – it had backlashes, anxiety, self-doubts, and a lot more. Either you took coursework writing services from the experts, or completed all your homework yourself – we are preen about your success.  

You made your way through it, and now, you’re packing your bags to move to the UK for further studies. However, before that, you need to equip yourself with relevant information. Graduating was half a win, visa application, and other related processes are another half. We have gathered all germane details to make your visa process easier and less stressful. 

Let’s swim through significant information and arm ourselves with key details: 

Get Acceptance Letter

Okay, first things first. 

The most important step is to get your acceptance letter from the university. Research. Research. Research. Find out the best options for yourself, and apply to the universities. Upon acceptance from the university’s end, you get an acceptance letter, which is important for the visa process. You will have to present the letter during the drill. You can expect the confirmation email, within 7 to 21 days of applying. 

Type of Visa You Need

A friendly advice – decide the type of visa you need. 

Be very certain with the choices. We have two types of visas, and each visa has a separate purpose. You will have to apply for one of the following visas, to become a student at your desired UK University. 

Short Term Study Visa: Such visas are recommended when the student needs to spend 6 to 11 months in their study country and have to fly back after the period. This is helpful for research programs of any degree. 

Tier 4 (General) Student Visa: This type of visa is eligible until your degree program exists. This counts graduation, MBA, Ph.D., or any other degree program. The time period of the visa is determined by the length of the study program. 

2W’s Solved: When and Where to Apply?

We have two ways to apply and get a student visa. Students do it at their convenience since both ways are acceptable. Either you can visit an embassy in your country and get the balls rolling towards a bright career. Or you may take a smarter route by visiting the website and filling up the form online. However, despite adopting the digital method, you will have to physically visit the embassy once for biometric verification and other formalities. 

Don’t be one of those people who wait till the 11th hour and later fret over the uncontrolled situation. Although Tier 4 Student Visa takes up to 3 weeks, it is suggested to start your visa application 3 months before. 

Conditions To Fulfill

There are a few basic requirements set by the state, that need to be fulfilled. The requirement comprises: 

Applicant must be over 16 years old,

Students must be able to read, speak, and understand English, 

Candidates must have enough financial resources to support their education, living, medical, and other basic amenities,

A licensed university should have given them an unconditional offer to study in their institute

Required Documents for UK Student Visa

Following are a few documents that a student needs to possess in order to have a seamless application process:

  • Visa application form should be completed, 
  • Valid travel documentation like passport,
  • A Passport sized photograph,
  • Evidence regarding your financial self-support. For instance, if you live in London, 1,265 GBP/month needs to be presented. Otherwise, for other parts of the UK, 1,015 GBP/month needs to be shown, 
  • Applicants less than 18 years old need to present parental consent, 
  • Tuberculosis test results, 
  • Verification of paid visa application fee, and immigration health surcharge,

The requirements might vary depending on the country you belong to. 

Language Requirements

SELT is a test conducted to evaluate the speaking and writing English skills of the candidate. In order to prove the knack, the student will have to pass the test. If you are a student of a higher degree level, CEFR level B2 needs to be achieved. 

However, students from some countries are not required to attempt the test, if they hold a degree comparable to a UK degree.

Seek Help from Online Tool

UK government website has a tool that helps the students to know if they will be needing a student visa in the country or not. You will have to fill up a form, and you’d get the answer promptly. 

Additional Useful Tips You Shouldn’t Miss!

The information, laws, and rules are always updated. It is suggested to the tutees to always check the UK Government official website to get authentic and genuine information. 

  • If you are worried about homework and assignments, don’t be! Because companies like Assignment Ace in London have been rescuing tutees with piles of assigned homework. 
  • Be kitted up with CAS – Certificate of Acceptance for Studies. As shared above, you’d get this from your study university in the UK. 
  • Do not forget to check the credibility of the university you are applying to! Your desired UK university must have the license. 
  • Do not be hesitant to raise your concerns or doubt during the application. Institutes and embassies have trained visa advisors who are responsible to iron out querries and supply solutions. Before you carry on with your journey to the country, known for its educational institutes, clear out all the doubts!  

Pack Up!

The country is famous for its standard educational institutes. The standard they adhere to are highly regarded and followed across the globe. Being a part of this institute is surely a dream for the students. 

To support such pupils, we have piled up all salient details, that will assist you fully. We recognize the challenges and fears of students applying for advanced education in the most prestigious country in the world. The process isn’t going to be smooth – but the outcomes will make you proud of yourself.


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