Powerful Tactics Used By Expert Social Media Marketers In 2019


Social media can be used for various purposes including mere leisure and strong business marketing on the digital scale. When users are using social media for business promotion purposes, they need to use very different tactics. In addition to that, it is a good strategy to have a team of experienced social media marketers who know things inside out. Here are some very helpful social media tactics which come from the table of the experts. Content has become an integral part of the any social media strategy. The consistent sharing of the content trough social media pages can improve user’s attraction. This can only be achieve through quality written content. The use of Plagiarism Checker tool can help you to maximize the uniqueness and quality of the written content.

  • Each post should have an “Add to Knowledge” Effect

How do some content pieces prove to be more interesting than the others? People read written content with interest due to two main reasons. One of them is topic preference. If you get to read something that you like reading about, the interest would automatically be developed. The second reason is increase in knowledge. According to researches and surveys, people like to read content which increases the knowledge level. Why would like to read something about which you already have enough information? It is obvious that people are always attracted to written information which they have not read in the past.  This strategy has to be applied for content creation purposes.  An example would provide better understanding. For instance, consider that you need to create a post about brand management. Do not mention conventional bookish brand management theories as most readers would be well aware of them. You need to make your post different and exclusive. One way to do this is include real life examples in your post. If you talk about brand management, give examples of people who have taken their brands to a very high level by following the correct tips.

  • Make an interesting story and restrict promotional tone

Most people have the perception that websites which promote their services a lot may be involved in spam activities. This can obviously prove to be troublesome for website growth and progress. The content of most scam websites begins with a promotional tone. For instance, on various websites, you see statements like “the best shoes ever” or “shirts with unbelievable fabric quality”. These statements do not have a positive effect on the customer. Even if he has a slight intention of buying your product, the chances would be eliminated.

When you talk about making a story, it simply means presenting facts in a realistic manner. Make the customer feel that your company is legitimate and you would not make a fool out of him. Presenting realistic facts builds a trustworthy relation with the customer as you cannot expect someone to buy your products instantly.

Several brands are operating on the internet and offering similar products. For customers, it is important to pick the best options.  Though a realistic content layout in the form of a story, brands are able to make the customers believe in them. In other words, it is a critical and strong social media technique.

  • Use Visual content to full effect

Why does visual content have so much importance? With the passage of time, the requirement of beefing social media posts with visual content has increased. What is the core reason behind this increase? The main reason is that visual content is better in terms of explanation than simple text content. For instance, even if you have written the finest text content, the user would obviously have to read it fully to know what you are trying to explain. This can obviously be a time consuming process and every user would not be prepared to put in so much time.

On the other hand, if you compare the explanations provided by text and visual content, a simple fact would be witnessed. Visual content is a lot better than text content in terms of explanations. Consider an example. If you have launched a new pair of ear phones and you want to tell potential buyers about how they work, what would be the easiest way? This question has a simple answer. If you rely simply on text, several paragraphs would be written so that all the features can be explained properly. Even if the customer reads through everything, he would have to read between the lines and get a clear understanding of everything.

On the other hand, if you simply upload a video of how the product works, things would be a lot simpler. People would simply view the video and understand how the product works. It is very obvious that watching a video or viewing a set of images would clear all the confusion that they have. This is exactly how visual content can be better than text content as the customer gains more understanding in lesser time.

Another ley benefit is that visual content adds colour to the overall theme. Simply adding text to the content gives it a dry image. This is the key reason why info graphics and visual content have attained so much importance. What do customers check first about a product when they view the Facebook page of the brand? Most of us check the “photos” link before we even check the text of the post. This is because we only know about the actual product appearance when we go through its photographs.


When you talk about posting content on social media, the goal is nothing but to get the attention of customers? If people are not buying your products through social media, there is no reason to be active on these modes. The attention of people has to be captured and social media experts use the correct techniques for this purpose. One of them is the use of visual content. A post on Facebook or even a Tweet would look bland if it does not have images, videos and other forms of visual content.

Regular updating is essential. Do not expect customers to return if you have posted something and not updated it for a long time. People prefer brands which have fresh content at all times. There is no doubt that you can get the best results through social media marketing considering that so many people use these channels. However, the most productive techniques have to be used to get optimum social media results.


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