Progressive Trends in E-Learning


Subsequent to the e-learning ideas and programs obtaining appeal with each passing day, the need for the services to convert Flash Animation to HTML5 has actually also climbed to new elevations. To a poser on this conversion over the Google, a plethora of answers, as well as tips, appears. It is constantly wise to seek the options provided by a specialist IT firm that is engaged in establishing countless animation programs consisting of e-learning processes.

Undoubtedly, it has actually ended up being even more vital considering that the subject and also the picture or graphics need to get to the target audience throughout selections of devices, platforms, and web browsers. As well as taking into consideration the truth that HTML 5 is the key electronic technology, the utmost focus is required vis-à-vis the conversion becoming easily accessible from varied media of smart devices and tablets, regardless of flash compatibility of the tool.

On this score, reputed companies have the relevant expertise to offer these services with an element of value added to the content. As for development of new content, these companies have mastered the art as evident from the scores of end-users at home as well as abroad. The hallmark of their services lies in the art of conceptualizing an enriched interactive content that could range from the K-12 (kindergarten to XII standard) segment to university level courses and corporate training modules. It is the animator’s artistry that infuses an element of life in all these programs that are basically converted through CSS and JS languages.

As for the corporate training programs, the client’s objectives are analyzed in detail to specifically identify the various themes. With focus on enhanced productivity, the compilers of the training material draft the content to be highly interactive and visually appealing. With the aid of SCORM compliant software, this content is further developed and delivered in both Flash and HTML5 formats. Both these versions are tested and perfected to be compatible with all popular platforms.

Incidentally, SCORM, acronym for Sharable Content Object Reference Model, has been accepted worldwide as ideal software of inter operable technical standards for e-learning products. Although, a defence-related program of Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) under Pentagon, this software has found extensive applications in the civil arena as never before, particularly in e-learning. It also governs how online learning content and Learning Management Systems (LMSs) interlink and interact with each other, purely in technical parlance.

Regarded as a forerunner in e-learning technology, recently a reputed company has published a report on the global e-learning market scenario and projected encouraging figures for the period 2016-2017. It was based on in-depth study that revealed the worldwide market for Self-Paced E-Learning which stood at $35.6 billion in 2014 has witnessed fast paced compounded growth rate of 7.6% to reach over $51.5 billion by 2016.

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