Reasons why you still buy Apple stock


Apple’s shares have fallen since its presentation of the results of its 2018 fiscal year. The company’s capitalization has fallen below the psychological barrier of a trillion dollars … Is it a good time to buy?

The shares of Apple came to quote above the 233 dollars, while now they are achieved by just 203. Let’s see ten reasons why investors can still consider investing in the Cupertino Company.

The capitalization of Apple stock fell last week from the trillion dollars. But there is no reason to think that it cannot be recovered in the short or medium term. Investors sometimes schedule “exit” or sale prices, so that if they are reached, the shares are sold automatically, for example, going from 199.90 to 200 can trigger many sales orders). They are “unreal” barriers that only exist in the minds of certain investors, but they do exist. If in the past it could have been a psychological barrier for investors to spend a trillion dollars (in fact it took much longer than expected to reach), now that barrier has become clear that Apple can overcome. There is no longer fear of the trillion.

Apple stock will stop now from breaking down the units sold of iPhones, iPad and Macs. If you enter more, or have more benefit, or raise the dividend, it will be easier for the action to go up.

Apple continues to invest in the development of autonomous driving. It can be a new car manufactured by Apple stock, it can be a system that licenses existing brands or it can end up acquiring a brand to launch its vehicle. It is investing billions in this project and is something that is not accounted for in the current results. A new great category is latent and in the next years it can suppose a great line of business that to add to the one of the iPhone, the one of the iPad, the one of the Mac, or the one of “Others”. To give an example, a “small” manufacturer like Tesla, had a quarterly income of 4,002 million dollars a few days ago.

Apple continues to prepare its own television content service. Surely it is a subscription service to the Netflix. The market is complicated, with HBO, Netflix, Hulu and new competitors like the newly announced Disney +. But Apple has a large user base with its reference top box, the Apple TV, installed in its living room. And millions of iOS devices in which an iOS13 could include as standard a new app dedicated to series and own content. It has the ability, as it did with Apple stock Music, to start later than others and leverage itself with its immense base of more than 1.300 million active iOS devices.

Apple has not yet finished its stock repurchase program. In 2017, Apple established a share repurchase program worth 210,000 million dollars. This program has been completed a few months ago. In 2018, a new repurchase program was established, for 100,000 million, of which only 29% has been executed. That is, in the coming months Apple stock to buy back shares for 71,000 million. The more shares Apple repurchases, the less there is in circulation and, assuming that the value of the company is considered the same, each share should be worth more.

Privacy is one of Apple’s long-term bets. Other technological giants such as Google or Facebook can have serious problems both in the European Union and in the US if regulatory measures are adopted. His Android business has also been sanctioned by monopolistic practices recently. The business models of these giants can have important threats that Apple should not face.


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