Secure Windows Personal Data From Search Encrypt Virus


Recently, there’s a rumor among one of the viruses named Search Encrypt Virus and you wouldn’t believe that it has become the most dangerous threat for your personal data. So it is compulsory to remove search encrypt virus from system.

ITL Antivirus Recently, there’s a rumor among one of the viruses named Search Encrypt Virus and you wouldn’t believe that it has become the most dangerous threat for your personal data. So it is compulsory to remove search encrypt virus from system.

Well, this article will escort you through its summary. Let’s get through.

What Is Search Encrypt Virus/ Malware?

The term “Search Encrypt Virus/ Malware” is an advertising program that installs in your PC through an extension. It falls under a category of PUP (potentially unwanted program).

Is Search Encrypt A Virus?

Yes, Search Encrypt is a browser hijacker/ Virus which can drain your computer’s settings. It develops a default start-up page and seems like a typical search engine.

Once Search Encrypt Virus enters your system, your system might suffer from various problems like disrupting/ damaging personal your data or might gain unauthorized access to your computer system, can modify the default web page on all the web browsers by changing its shortcuts by attaching ‘http://site.address’ into Target field of web-browser’s alternative.

The Search Encrypts Virus/Malware not only modifies the search engines on the browser but also, redirects all your searches to infected web pages, which might contain any suspicious ads/ adware.

This adware might redirect you to some malicious websites, or it might give you false security warnings. Adware programmed as spyware that can fetch your private details from the computer. Search encrypt virus injects to your computer through a freeware program, that’s why usually hijackers attack the networks. Search Encrypt browser hijacker would often target the standard web browsers like Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

Is Search Encrypt Safe?

It’s quite interesting to know how developers of Search Encrypt hijacker try to assure their users that they are perfectly safe and secure while using any “privacy tool”. Please aware of such type of scam companies from tracking your data by using Search Encrypt.

You might be probably searching for various encrypt virus protection tools. Also, you must be thinking to recover all browser setting to the default state, new tab or the default search engine. Isn’t it?You must follow search encrypt removal steps.

We Are Listing Down Best Encrypt Virus Protection Tools, That Can Be A Life-Saver For Your Computer.

ITL Total Security

ITL Total security has turned out to be a miracle for everyone, it helps in removing all type of malicious virus, pop-up ads to run your computer smoothly.

With the ITL Total Security Real-Time Protection feature, you can keep your system’s data protected at any time. ITL Total Security scans your system in real-time to keep your data safer from all malicious activities.

ITL Total Security serves you the most exciting feature to make your web surfing secure by just installing the safe add-on on all your web browsers. These add-ons help you in blocking all malicious activities while surfing the web. It ensures the best protection plan by keeping your virus definition up-to-date so that you are protected from new infections every time.

Malware Crusher

Malware Crusher keeps you free from the installation of any other protection tools as it can run all ways.

It’s acknowledged and trusted by industry for its unique security feature which covers to provide a safety layer to Windows PC.

Malware Crusher covers up threats caused by Viruses and Malware to keep your privacy intact for Windows.

With its high-level encryption virus protection technology i.e Malware Crusher, you can safely browse the internet. It guarantees you that you would not require any other safety tool for your system.


Bitdefender is the anti-ransomware to protect your system from all kinds of threats across the platforms. It’s the top of the line security solution which is developed by Bitdefender.

It keeps your all operating systems free from various trending malware like “Search Encrypt Malware.

It adds up super exciting features with it.

Anti-ransomware (gives you the best encrypt virus protection facility to keep your system away from all types of emerging threats).

Wi-Fi security advisor (scans all the wi-fi networks available and provides you with the best protection way to secure your device)

Firewall (adds up one more layer to it, it blocks all the malicious programs that want to interact with your internet )

Advanced Threat Defense (Advanced Threat Defense identifies anomalies on the device and correlates different suspicious behaviors to increase the performance of the system)


BullGuard antivirus offers you encrypt virus protection tool along with file backup feature, from where you can set up backup forms, then operate or edit them accordingly.

Encryption can be activated from the backup settings, from where you can create backups for Windows default locations such as Photos, Music, Videos, Documents, and Desktop folders.

It ranks highly in free tests and includes innovative multi-layered defenses that block all threats and ensures optimal performance.


AVG’s Internet Security is an effective encrypted program that keeps malware threats away from your system as it takes up less storage space, works faster, and improves system’s performance, so it’s perfect for old devices as well.

AVG Antivirus considered as one of the finest free antivirus programs we examined. It is a safe choice if you only need basic necessary malware protection and don’t want to pay for any advanced features, or you can use it as a second layer of protection.

AVG Antivirus doesn’t use browser extensions. It uses pop-up notifications to let you know when a site you’re trying to access is dangerous.

It makes the software a user-friendly since you don’t have to perform any extra steps to be secure from online risks.

Sometime, AVG might display a lot of pop-up ads to tempt you to purchase other AVG products and download the free removal tool.

It signifies that you need to keep a quick eye on the pop-up notifications, which are simple to miss if you’re not watching for them. It can sometimes decelerate the speed of your system.


Apart from the benefits like multi-layered security against any online threats, privacy protection, safer connection, and browsing, password control, ESET also adds up the data and folder encryption virus protection Supports three decades of innovation built and executed by security champions.

It is easy to use, its a one-click solution, and you get benefitted from product upgrades as they get availed for eternal high-level security.

These were some of the software’s to remove search encrypt virus from your system and to make it more security driven.

But, to know more about search encrypt virus removal from all Web browsers like Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox then, you can go through this section.

Removal steps of search encrypt virus from Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

A) Google Chrome

Step 1: Open “Google Chrome” go to main menu, click to the “Settings” option.

Step 2: scroll down the page to the bottom > select Advanced link option.

Now go down the page till you get the option for Reset settings and press the “Reset settings to their defaults” button.

Step 3: Click the “Reset” button, to restore settings to their default settings.

B) Internet Explorer

Step 1: Initial phase is to launch “Microsoft IE(Internet Explorer)” > Click ‘gear’ icon.

(It will navigate you to the drop-down menu on the top-right corner of the internet browser > go to “Internet Options” and click it).

Step 2: In the next window of “Internet Options,” choose the “Advanced” tab, > click the “Reset” button.

(Microsoft Internet Explorer will open “Reset Internet Explorer settings” dialogue box > press the “Delete personal settings” check box to select it > click the “Reset”).

Step 3: Once the operation gets started> click the “Close” button.

(Reboot your PC for the system made changes to take place. This step will help you to restore your web browser’s default search provider, new tab and start page to the default state).

C) Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Launch Firefox > press the menu button with three horizontal lines shown at the top right corner of thefirefox web-browser screen >select “Help” option at the bottom of the drop-down menu. It will present the slide-out menu.

Step 2: Select the “Troubleshooting information.”

If you can’t access the Help menu, then type “about support” in your address bar and press Enter.

Step 3: Click the “Refresh Firefox” button at the top right of the Troubleshooting Information page.

Select “Refresh Firefox” option in the confirmation prompt.

Firefox will automatically begin the process to fix issues.

After completion of task >press on the “Finish” button.

Preventing Measures To Keep Your System Secure Against Virus And Malware:

As you must be now aware of Chromium Virus, what all the techniques it may use to infect your device by using some tactics.

Below Mentioned Are The Few Preventing Tips To Block All Types Of Malware/ Virus From Your System:

1. Set/ Allow permissions to block pop-ups

Pop-ups ads, notification on the websites are the most questionable tactics spread by cybercriminals to expand a web of malicious programs.

So, we suggest you to avoid clicking on uncertain sites, software offers, pop-ups, etc.

Suggesting you install an effective ad- blocker for browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer.

2. Maintain and Update your Windows

To maintain your system’s performance and keep them free of virus or infections, we recommend you always to keep your Windows updated.

With this operation, you can keep your device free from virus/ adware.

3. Avoid “Third-party” installation

An alert not to install any third party software or program, as it may result in your system in danger.

Stop downloading/ installing “Bundling” software.

4. Daily/ regular Backup for smooth-running of your system

Daily and proper backup of the system helps you to keep your data safe and secure.

For any cause, if your system infected by any virus. Thus, it’s better to keep backup for your important files regularly on a cloud drive or an external hard drive.

5. Try to put on Anti-Virus for your system

It’s better to take preventive measures before your computer suffers from any virus attacks.

We recommend you to install an antivirus like ITL Total Security, ITL Anti-malware or Malware Crusher for the betterment of the performance of your system.


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