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From sleeping under the stars in the tent to rising in the hot air balloon at dawn, a desert safari is the best way to absorb the Emirati culture. Read about the attractive range of options of the famous desert safaris in Dubai.

Dubai is about living large and royal. It has a balancing line between the cosmopolitan vibes and Bedouin culture. The roots of Bedouin go back to the times when Dubai was just a large stretch of sand. Today this desert’s large portion has been covered by these sky-soaring architecture, malls, restaurants, theme parks, and everything else that makes Dubai one of the fancy cities of the world.

A typical desert safari in Dubai

Before classifying into genres, timings and groups, here is what a usual desert safari includes- the beast 4WD vehicle, camels, quad bike, falconry, tents, artists, shisha and barbecues.

The driver receives you at the doorsteps in the luxurious yet wild 4*4 vehicle. Driver-cum-guide is an expert. Through the roads of innovative architecture and bustling markets, he will drive you out of the city to the marvellous red desert.

Imagine sitting in the Hummer, Land Cruisers and Range Rovers, being tucked in safe and then rode to an astonishing speed in the ups and downs of the sand mountains. All the adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers have already zoned out to daydreaming. The safari trip starts with this raw and solid dune bashing, and the other adventurous activities follow it. The dune buggy riding allows you to be in the seat of the driver and explore the desert on your own. In this, there are options of sandboarding (which is similar to snowboarding with only the replacement of snow by the sand), and quad biking, an off-road 4-wheeler. The most fun is the company of camels. You get to cherish the old style of travelling through the camel riding which is loved by the kids. Along all this is happening, there’re stops for you to hop off and capture the unbelievable beauty of the desert and wrap the unparalleled experience in your cameras.

A few desert safaris in Dubai have the falconry too, where you can experience the spectacular training of birds like spotted eagle, desert eagle owl, and hawk and can watch them prey.

Later in the session, when the sun sets, you get to witness the complete traditional lifestyle of Arab. The Tanoura artist and belly dancer grace the stage with their stunning performances. The travellers get to stay in the Bedouin camps, are welcomed with refreshments like Arab coffee and dates, and can sip unlimited shisha. The other entertainment includes henna tattooing and Emirati dress photography. Ending on a delicious note, you can dine in this grand set up, choosing from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu.

Popular Desert Safaris in Dubai

  • Morning desert safari

Time: 4-5 hours

If you are short on time to explore everything in Dubai and have got off the bed early morning, this desert safari fits in your schedule. This is the chance to see the sky burst in red and yellow and the wind-driven desert sit stills. The initial leg of the safari is to explore the desert and spend time in the enchanting rays of the sunrise. Later comes the array of activities, from hair-raising dune bashing and wildlife safaris to camel riding and quad biking. You are also served with unlimited refreshments and delicious breakfast.

  • Hot air balloon safari

Time: 3 hours

One of the other kind of morning desert safari is the one that includes flying above the expanse of red dunes. It is a picturesque setting and to take the full advantage of the sunset views, you step into one of those giant hot air balloons and have a bird-eye view, literally, from an astounding height of 4000 feet. Going into a hot air balloon ride is a once-in-a-lifetime unique experience that will leave you in nostalgia for longer.

  • Evening desert safari

Time: 6 hours

The quintessential desert safari that locks the best segments of adventure and culture in a package is the evening desert safari in Dubai. Sun, sand and shisha create the magic for your trip. The 4*4 electrifying dune bashing, sand boarding and quad biking are all encompassed to give you a memorable evening of your life. Soak up in the sunset, perch the camels, take pictures of the party, stay at the tent, admire the artists, adorn your hands with henna, put on the traditional Arabian clothes and groove to the fire show. Concludingly, some of the pro chefs come together to prepare a delectable dinner BBQ buffet dinner.

  • Overnight desert safari

Time: 16 hours

The intrepid traveller who looks forward to seeing the unseen side of Dubai, the overnight desert safari is the perfect deal for you. Nothing gets better than this as it manages to put every basic to extra elements. The first phase of the stay remains the same as the evening safari, you indulge in adrenaline-pumping activities and cherish the Emirati setup, but what comes ahead is gripping. As the clock winds itself, the day comes to a close, and the guests are leaving, you will embark on a pulsating ride. The extraordinary safari will take you to the sandy slopes and hills and you will be wonderstruck by the views around. You will be directed to a comfortable and luxurious tent where you have complete facilities for prayer, rest and more. Lie under the starry sky and say goodnight like never before. In the morning, you can enjoy sunrise, breakfast and wilderness.

The Dubai desert safari combos

Dubai Desert safaris come in different inspiring and enthralling combinations. The most famous of all is the desert safari with a barbecue dinner. Others include-

  • Hummer desert safari
  • Red desert safari with BBQ dinner & live entertainment
  • Evening desert safari with Quad biking & dinner
  • Camel safari & breakfast
  • Luxury VIP desert safari
  • Hot air balloon, breakfast & desert safari
  • Morning quad bike, sandboarding & camel ride
  • Private night safari

What part of the day you choose and what do you want to experience that will decide your desert safari in Dubai combo deals. While the wonderful morning safari kicks off with the golden sunrise, the evening desert safaris are beautiful and lets you catch a glimpse of the sun setting in the desert. All the desert safaris have their own taste of Dubai and the thrill of adventure, but what remains common is the promise of unlimited fun and memories back home.

So, the next time you are in the city and want to do something remarkably exciting, drop in for the desert safaris.


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