Snapchat Screen Recorder to Spy on Kids & Employees Wasting Time on Status Updates


The photo-sharing app Snapchat has gained tremendous popularity within a few years of its inception. The application offers amazing photo filters and self-deleted messages that get automatically deleted from the sender and receiver’s phone after a set period of time.The social media app is ranked among the most popular social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. In some regions of the world, the app is found to be more popular than social media giants among teens and adults between the age of 13 and 24.

More than 70 percent college goers use Snapchat on regular basis. Of 10 million active users, around more than half Snapchatters use the app on daily basis. Almost 32 percent users use the app 5 times a week and around 80 percent use it twice a week. The latest statistics reveal that more than 10 billion short videos have been watched out on Snapchat in single day. Around 400 million photos have been exchanged via photo-sharing app in one day. More than 9000 snaps have been shared via Snapchat every second.

Parents’ Concerns About Snapchat

The above statistics clearly show the significance of Snapchat in kids and teens’ lives. They spend most of their waking hours taking photos, adding filters to these photos and uploading them right away on Snapchat. They seem more excited about updating their statuses on the photo-sharing app rather than giving proper attention to their studies and other important tasks. While Snapchat can be the biggest distraction for kids keeping them busy in needless things, there are many other potential dangers associated with the photo-sharing app.

The self-deleted messages of Snapchat are biggest concern for parents as they encourage sexting and exchange of sexually explicit photos and videos. Many teens use the app for sexting which they think is secure on Snapchat due to automatic deletion of messages. In fact, sexting is not secure on Snapchat as it is not on other social media and instant messaging apps. The receiver can take screenshots of messages to store, distribute and victimize the target. Parents should be aware of such online dangers that may put their kids into trouble.

Employers’ Concerns About Snapchat

Productivity is the major concern for employers because the employee productivity has a direct relation with the output and profit of the company.While many businesses have started using Snapchat for digital marketing, the employees have got chance to use the application for personal and entertainment purposes. The employers are needed to supervise the social media use of their workers to ensure they do not use these platforms for unproductive purposes.

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Supervise Kids and Employees Snapchat Use with Snapchat Screen Recorder

The employers and parents are needed to monitor Snapchat use of their workers and children to prevent them from unproductive and objectionable use of the photo-sharing app. There is an application that allows parents and employers to remotely and secretly track social media use of their concerned individuals and groups. TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app offers Snapchat screen recorder to capture activities performed on the photo-sharing platform by children and workers.

How Snapchat Screen Recorder Work

TheOneSpy social media monitoring app enables parents and employers to secretly monitor the online and offline activities of their teenagers and workers. Once you install the spy app on the Android mobile phones of your concerned ones, you can stay updated about their activities on monitored smartphone devices.To monitor Snapchat activities of your object,you can set the spy app to make short videos of the targeted device screen every time your kids and employees use the social media app. As your object starts using Snapchat on the monitored Android phone, the spy app starts making videos with a certain interval to capture all activities performed on the social messenger.

The spy app captures all activities without producing any noise or notification on the targeted cell phone. The on-demand or real-time screen recordings made by spy app get uploaded to the online spy account. The end-user of Snapchat screen recording app can log into the online portal of the spy app to see and download these video recordings. These screen recordings let you capture all Snapchat messages, status updates, friends and followers list to keep tabs on social media activities of your children and employees.


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