Stainless Steel Business Card: Print Quality at the Height of Business


As you surely know, for entrepreneurs and SMEs it is of great importance to deliver striking business cards that give a good image to those who receive them. To achieve this purpose, it is important to find the best in design and printing that fit your taste and budget.

In this aspect, the materials and design chosen will be of utmost importance to ensure that the product is of the highest quality, and thus be able to deliver to your contacts and related parties, business cards that achieve the task of attracting more customers. Each card must have the necessary information to establish an immediate and permanent connection.

For your clients to have an excellent first impression and be attracted to your business, nothing better than the printing of business cards at here you can order steel business cards online. The card is still the offline method par excellence to publicize your business and they must exhibit quality thanks to the work of the online printing company.

You will also select them according to the manufacturing material, such as laid paper, matte or glossy cardboard, which are the most popular, Kraft paper, metallic and translucent plastic.

Depending on the finish, they are available in UV varnish, plasticized, stamping, 3D varnish in relief, or dry blow or relief. Other alternatives that you can find through online printing have to do with double cards, in batches, for appointments, made from recycled paper, with scratch silver ink.

The card is much more than a piece of cardboard that does not require more attention, on the contrary, she says a lot about the level she has or aspires to have a business, and it is probably the only opportunity to interact with a potential client. Normally the recipient will return to it when they need to make contact with interest in your commercial activities.

Card Types

The cards are classified by material, shape and finish. Apart from the common categories, also offers the possibility of making them personalized with exclusive design and shape.

Kind of Paper

The classic ones are made on white paper up to 400 gr. The ones with the highest demand are the 350 gr ones, like those with matte coating, one of the most used papers in printing presses. If you consider the thickness, the most common are 350 microns.

If your company wants to give them a more formal touch, we recommend using more textured papers, especially for law firms, notaries and advisers. While Kraft or recycled papers are ideal for those businesses that want to offer a greener image.

A web design company can choose, according to its vocation, to select metallic material or translucent plastic as its material. And so, depending on the business profile, choosing the one that most resembles and adapts to your activity, this will allow you to present yourself positively in your first business contact.


The finishing of business cards with the new times has evolved, because before they were made with the classic technique of printing with a single ink that was black. Now, color printing is common, while the price has been equaled, thanks to offset or digital printing techniques.

Apart from color, textures and laminates are incorporated. The one in greatest demand today is matte laminate. The thin plastic layer will provide protection to your cards, increasing their thickness and giving them a greater difference and quality compared to ordinary cards.

Others that we recommend are those that have the soft touch laminate, with a peach skin effect, as well as those of varnish that is applied to the surface as a protective layer, and which are usually made in selective areas, varnishes They can also have relief.


To choose the shape of the business card, the classic ones usually come in a size of 85 × 55 mm and 90 × 55 mm. Also, depending on your preference, they can be squarer or elongated.

Others prefer that their corners are rounded or personalized, in the way you want, such as, for example, if it is a vehicle sale, that have the shape of a car. The limit in this aspect will only be your imagination.


Apart from those used by the four inks in the CMYK system, they can be stamped with special effects and colors such as bright, silver, gold or fluorescent, to make them more like your brand.

Other types that are in high demand are the well-known stamping, which have a luxurious finish. This consists of applying a hot foil in a metallic tone in various ways, with silver and gold colors as preferred. This finish increases the final price, but it is excellent if your business wants to make an investment with added value in its image.

Printing is what Counts

The design, production and printing of business cards can only be left to the specialists of, as a starting point to publicize your business or venture. The essential thing is to look for serious companies like them that even have the power to upload your files with the design you are looking for using the online business card tool, with the possibility of selecting the creative design suggested by a team of professionals with extensive experience for order steel business cards online.

In addition to the cards, you can also print checkbooks, envelopes and letter paper, which will add value to the business image. As for the purchase process, it is quite simple because you can run it from the Internet, where you only have to follow the steps indicated on the website.

In the order you can choose the product, the quantity and its characteristics. At the same time, the delivery period is defined, the data to deliver the requested material and the payment method to complete it. The most renowned credit cards and even electronic transfer via PayPal are accepted as forms of payment. Comfort from the keyboard in the office or at home.


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