Tech-Driven Mechanism and Fleet of Thousands of Pro-Voice Actors

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With its tech-driven mechanism and fleet of thousands of pro-voice actors, Voyzapp is all set to take on the voice-over industry in 2022

Rising as the bridge connecting more and more voice artists to the clients in need of their services, Voyzapp has narrowed down the gap and opened up new opportunities for both sides, serving as a true marketplace.

Voyzapp, the fastest growing voice marketplace in India is now all set to mark its arrival in the voice-over industry in 2022. With its highly advanced recording studios, latest mics, DAWs, and other equipment, it has certainly topped the charts in providing the best quality voiceovers for different industries.

With a combined might of its technological superiority and professional voice actors, Voyzapp is in full-scale invasion mode to conquer the voice-over market. By eliminating the middlemen and bringing the voice artists and clients closer, it has gained quite the popularity and already become the favorite of many. Setup with the aim of revitalizing the voice market, the company now focuses on spreading its wings and soaring high in the sky of voiceovers.

“Voyzapp is offering voice over services in multiple languages and categories with native and professional voice-over artists. Doing so has brought up various native voice artists, from all corners of the country to mainstream and provided them with better opportunities to showcase their voice talents and grow as artists. The fact to know is the basic requirement for basic voice-over to become the successful in the industry.

Furthermore, we are working on expanding its reach to a global level widening the language scope of our voice over services with native and authentic voice over artists. As of now, Voyzapp already provides services in various Indian and foreign languages, but by crossing the geographical boundaries and bringing in the linguistically native voice over professionals would bolster the credibility of the company”, says, Mr. Sourav Jandial, the founder of voyzapp.

The founder concluded by saying, “Our goal is to employ the technological advancements in providing the finest quality voice overs to our clients and become the most trusted brand when it comes to voice services, thus generating more opportunities for our voice over actors.”

The company seems to be rapidly increasing not only in terms of voice artists but also in terms of industries it provides services into, with the podcast, video game, & quick audiobook recordings being the new addition. Voice over is required in almost every aspect of the modern advertising and marketing fields in addition to the corporate IVRs, e-learning, and others. With so many other platforms available, a few things that make Voyzapp’s online voice marketplace stay ahead are –

  • Fast and efficient one-click audio recording booking service
  • Escrow payment protection
  • No Intermediaries
  • Thousands of voice over professionals are available and increasing.
  • A vast number of languages with accuracy in accents and dialects.
  • Native voice artists for the languages and the numbers are growing further.
  • Expert vocal artists in diverse genres – animation, advertising, jingles, and much more.
  • Experienced professionals with mastery in the craft.
  • Hi-tech and well-equipped studio.
  • Qualified Audio Experts to ensure the quality of recordings.
  • Experienced Technicians to Monitor the recordings.
  • In-dashboard feedback mechanism
  • User reviews/ratings

Voyzapp has trouble-freed the earlier hectic process of finding and filtering voice artists. It has demonstrated its vast collection of voice samples of thousands of voice artists into demo reels and made it available for free to browse and choose the pick. Adding to that is the smart move of segregating the demo reels into a male voice and female voice and the further categoric classification based on the roles, characters, genres, locations, and more.

This whole effort has definitely favored it with a competitive edge and more online visitors. With this categorization, a client can easily filter through the voices and browse only the niche-specific ones pertaining to their needs. Furthermore, it facilitates clients with a real-time price and turnaround time check service that induces another layer of reliability to it.

It follows a very unique pay-on-satisfaction method using the Escrow payment system, making it one of a kind entity.  With its invigorating ideas, strong beliefs, impeccable voice artists, and technical superiority Voyzapp is already the talk of the town, and with its resolute dedication, it soon might be the next big thing in the media industry.

About the Company

Voyzapp, with its unique marketplace model, is emerging as the pioneer of the modern voice over market rejuvenating the voice over industry and how it works by introducing some major transformations, like bringing out regional voice actors to light, easing up the process of finding the voice artists for different needs, bringing in foreign artists for foreign languages, and more.

By removing the intermediaries Voyzapp facilitates direct interaction between the artists and clients, and therefore brings in more transparency in the work. Also, the company claims to provide the most economically feasible voice over services with the quickest turnaround times, with no minimum project size.


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