The Best 12 Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Women and Men


Couples who have stayed in a marriage for a year or more are always excited when marking their anniversaries. However, it is disappointing when you forget or get your partner the same gift every year on your Wedding Anniversary Gifts. It is important to explore other awesome unique gifts found in the market. There are numerous wedding anniversary gifts that can make your anniversary memorable and romantic. Here are twelve exciting gifts that your man or woman will appreciate on your wedding anniversary.

Cologne for Him

Your man should not only look and feel good on your wedding anniversary, he should also smell like a king. A gift of men’s cologne will help you with that. Being your husband, am sure that you know the kind of freelance he likes. Get him the biggest bottle, package it nicely and present the gift to him with a nice bouquet of anniversary flowers and he will surely appreciate.

Beauty and MakeUp Products for Her

Rejuvenate her beauty and vibrancy with the best beauty products in the market. Let her look her best as you go out for s dinner date by gifting her with a range of beauty products that will make her pop and dazzle in every aspect. This gift will send her spirit on a joyous frenzy.

A Vintage Time Piece for Him

Great anniversary gifts are not necessarily expensive; they just have to hold a sentimental value to the recipient. For example, this timepiece symbolizes all the great times you’ve spent together. The vintage design gives the recipient good old memories that you have shared together since you got married. To make this gift special try personalizing it to make him feel special.

A Personalised Shinning Lamp

This is a special moment that calls for creative ways to celebrate your love. To create this lamp, take an empty florescent bottle that glows in the dark and place the on the bottle as it glows in the dark even when you’ve turned of the lights. Put it on a wooden base so that it shines all the time just like your love.

Personalized Photo Cake

Another great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary is take your best photo and incorporate it in your cake and as you cut the cake reminisce on the good times you’ve had in the past. Whether it’s butterscotch, black forest, chocolate or vanilla cake, this idea will work very well.

Go for a Dinner Date

You have had your fun during the day and it is now time to kick it a notch higher by taking your beloved wife to a fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant. But you can also decide to cook for your husband or wife as a candle light dinner. Make it grand by buying special anniversary flower arrangements from CosmeaGardens.

Get her nice lingerie

For a young couple who are celebrating either their first second or third anniversary or want to spice up things, sexy lingerie will do the trick for your special lady. She doesn’t need to look good only in the public but also in the bedroom. Choose a color that will brighten up the bedroom once the light goes off.

A Box of Chocolate Candy for Him

There is nothing sweeter than passing by husband’s place and giving him a box of chocolate cookies or candy to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Men love delicious food and snacks since they are always working and the brain needs food to keep them going. You can also send him this gift with a bouquet of fresh anniversary flowers to complement the gift.

Take Him out for a Treat

After a long tiresome day it is time to unwind with friends. If wish to celebrate your wedding anniversary with your friends, you can meet at any sports club for a night out to celebrate with rounds of beer. This is a fun way to celebrate especially if it’s your tenth wedding anniversary.

A Teddy Bear for Her

A big cute teddy bear is always romantic to any lady they just love these staffed animals. The best colors for this occasion are bright hues of red or pink. The gift can also be accompanied with special flower arrangements from a professional anniversary flower delivery to make it grand and romantic. If you want you can surprise her with this special gift at her place or send it to her workplace to remind her what day it is.

A Gift Basket for Him

Lucky for you women, men are always contented with any type of gift presented to them with love and affection like a beautiful gift basket full of nice goodies to celebrate the five years of marriage. This is enough to warm up your husband’s heart and show him how much he means to you. Gift baskets are vintage but classy depending on what you decide to fill the basket with.

Flowers for Her

Nothing speaks love more than a gift of flowers for your special woman. Flowers are not only romantic but are also full of symbolism. For your first anniversary, red anniversary roses are perfect flowers to gift your wife with as they show how passionate your young marriage is. Sunflowers are great for your fifth wedding anniversary as it shows how strong and inseparable you’ve become in you married life. If you are looking for a flower delivery that offers more than just flowers, then Cosmea Gardens is what you need. With years of flower experience you will surely get the right wedding anniversary flowers to celebrate your wedding anniversary with style and elegance.

It is not rocket science to find the best anniversary gift. All you need is the effort, love and will to impress your partner during this auspicious occasion. For us men, who are always on the move to make some quick bucks, ensure that you remember your wedding anniversary to be on the safe side if you know what I mean?


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