The best tricks of the Google notes manager


We teach you six Google Keep tricks to get the most out of you when it comes to organizing all your tasks and notes: Did you know that you can record voice notes?

Google Keep has become one of the applications for taking notes par excellence. It is completely free and offers us a lot of possibilities when it comes to not only creating our notes, but also classifying or managing them.

And is that Google Keep is much more than a simple “notebook”. It has many tricks and functionalities that will allow you to take an incredible match to improve your classification and task organization, in order to achieve greater productivity.

We are going to discover 6 Google Keep tricks that maybe you did not know about.

The incredible utility of photo scanning in Google Keep

Has it ever happened to you that you have something important written by hand in a notebook and it gives you a terrible laziness to pass it to your mobile? Well, with Google Keep you can scan that image and pass it to text automatically. It achieves this thanks to OCR technology, capable of detecting text in images and passing it to a note.

Of course, it must be text that is understood to perfection and whose photo is well captured, without reflections or other effects that may interfere with how it is read. To do this, you have to make the photo within the application itself and then choose “Saved image text”. If the text has the characteristics that we mentioned before, it would be already!

How to recover deleted notes in Google Keep

As in many other applications, chats and files are deleted by sliding to the right or left, a gesture that is too easy to make without realizing it. And if this is what happens to you with one of your notes or tasks created, do not worry: even if it disappears, you can find it in your side panel, in the “Archived notes” section.

Once there, you can delete them permanently. Or not? Well, not at all! You will still have another week to retrieve it from the Google Keep bin before it disappears forever.

Add reminders of tasks and / or notes

Notifications in Google Keep There are notes and tasks that, as we point out, fall into oblivion. So, are they worth something? That’s why one of the best features of Google Keep is reminders. You can choose between two types: typical reminders of date and time and those of place. The latter are super useful: for example, you can put the location of the supermarket that when you arrive you remember that you have to buy oranges. Do not you think it’s great?

How to pass your Google Keep notes to Google Docs

As it could not be otherwise, Google offers us to link your application with another of its most used platforms: Google Drive, more specifically to Google documents. You can take your notes and pass them to a document in your Drive account in a super simple way, so you can continue writing or editing all your documents.

To do this, keep your finger pressed on the note you want to pass to Docs in the main window. A series of options will be displayed, among which you have to choose the Send button and then “Copy to Google Documents”. And ready!

Fix the most important notes so as not to forget them

The trick of fixing the notes is one of the most recurrent and useful when considering the next tasks or simply the most important when you have many classified. So that they remain fixed in your beginning you only have to press continuously the specific note and press the icon of the thumbtack or pin. Then it will always appear above along with the rest of the set (if you have several). When you want to remove it, just click again and remove the thumbtack.

Not everything is writing: bet on the voice notes

Dear lovers of voice notes: Google Keep understands you and loves you. If instead of writing you prefer to save a note or audio reminder, just click on the microphone and start talking. You have no time limit, so you will see.


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