The Five Best Animated Features Of 2019


The animation is the art of putting images in a sequence to make an illusion of movement. It ages back to the beginning of humankind and has always been a part of our history. Four thousand years ago the Egyptians carved images showing their trends and customs. About three thousand years later, an Iranian drew a more modern pictorial motion and sequential images of a goat leaping in to bite a tree made on a pottery bowl.

Since then many changes can be witnessed and will continue to observe more in the future. Animation today provides us with a mesmerizing way of telling exciting stories and presenting information in a captivating way. There are many tools and techniques that graphic designers use to make amazing videos and sequential images to impress the audience. Most importantly, they follow the trends to compel the viewer further to watch,and 2019 is going to be a big year for animation. Let’s discuss some of the trends that are to be seen in the coming year.

3D Is Everywhere

3D animation is here to stay and further grow to be better by time. It is a combination of animation, sound, video. It has opened many more significant opportunities for the designers and animators to showcase incredible scenes that were previously impossible to display. 3D is present in the most diverse parts of the industry. For example, designers use the 3D logo design tool to make outstanding 3D logos for companies. It has the strength to bring a simple idea to life. It is here to stay and grow with the growing industry of motion graphics.

Visual Effects

Visual effects have been a part of real life movies and are here to grow. Explosions, dinosaurs and underwater life is something impossible to happen in real life, but thanks to the VFX technology, it is possible to happen in movies and commercials.

Combining real-life footage with computer-generated images, VFX creates an illusion that anything is possible. It is fascinating to design complex effects,but the magic happens when a viewer is no longer able to distinguish animation from live-action.

Color Transitions

Colors help in influencing the mind of the audience. It can double the emotional impact and set the right mood of the viewer. An animator should be aware of the psychology of colors and the effect it has on the viewers and chooses the right color palette for this trend.

Color transition is highly prevalent in logo designing for a similar reason,but animators too choose to benefit from it. So don’t hesitate to utilize the visual power, make your animation look powerful and zesty.

A Mixture Of 2D And 3D Animation

The trend began in the past few years and is continually growing. The animation style gives 3D objects a 2D look making it more expressive and illustrative that can immediately attract the viewers’ attention and delivers information in a clear and captivating way.

The mixture has remarkably enhanced the storytelling with more lively images. 3D animations can be expensive,and 2D animation does not always meet the terms of the message. Therefore using the combination of 2D and 3D animation is both inexpensive as well as have the strength to convey the complete message.


Morphing means smooth transitioning from one concept to another. Like the name, the trend also follows the same transitioning style to create mesmerizing visuals to attract the audience. It has stuck its roots deep into the animation industry. It is more expressive in a short span- therefore it has become a preferred choice for most brands.

These are the top five animation trends that are ruling the animation world in 2019. So feel free o express your brand message with these trends.


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