The Most Common Problems with iPhones and iPhone Repair

The Most Common Problems with iPhones and iPhone Repair

iPhone users encounter new issues when they update to the most recent iOS. Besides it, iPhone users can confront a variety of other problems with their iPhones. Whether you own an older iPhone or the most advanced, the most common problems for iPhones are yet the same. You have the option to choose iPhone repair to restore their iPhone to function normally. Additionally, they may capitalize on tips that iPhone users share to help others. Nonetheless, tips aren’t a permanent solution to fix iPhone problems. Still, you may give them a try before you choose any repair service to recover your iPhone.

The Most Common iPhone Problems That iPhone Users Face:-

Here are the most common iPhone issues you may face with an iPhone:

Quick Battery Drain: 

iPhone batteries drain fast, which is a problem with iPhone users worldwide. Typically, this issue arrives when people update their iPhones. One of the things that iPhone users can do when this issue occurs is turn off their iPhone for five minutes. Starting iPhone again after waiting for this long may get rid of the problem. Another thing that iPhone users can do is to limit using apps, such as Uber, Google Maps, or YouTube. If the issue persists, they can always visit a cell phone repair shop to deal with quick battery drain.


iPhone overheating is also a common issue, and you may guess that it is no surprise. Cell phone users who own iPhones can’t live a day without their Apple buddy. As a result, they overheat their iPhones. iPhone users can use their common sense to cool their iPhones. They can take their device away from sunlight or direct heat to avoid overheating their iPhone. Or, they may remove the iPhone case or turn off their device for a few minutes. Reset All Settings on iPhones or an iOS update can also aid them in fixing this problem. If the issue doesn’t resolve, iPhone users should consider an iPhone repair service to resolve this common iPhone problem.

iPhone Screen Showing Apple Logo Only: 

You can encounter the Apple logo stuck on the iPhone screen for different reasons. A few of those reasons include a jailbroken iPhone or a bombed iOS overhaul. There are different methods for iPhone users to fix this issue. You can restart your iPhone, do a hard reset or enter into Recovery Mode to revive your device. However, you may fail to reinvigorate your device even after doing these things. If you fail to recover your iPhone, you should capitalize on an iPhone screen repair service.

Proximity Sensor Not Working: 

It is also one of the most common iPhone issues. iPhone users may face this issue because of dust or an unknown bug. This issue may also occur if you remove your iPhone screen. Force restart your iPhone, reset your iPhone to Factory Settings, or update your iOS. Doing these may likely fix the issue. If the issue persists, you should pay a visit to a cell phone repair service to deal with this issue.

iPhone Application Freeze: 

iPhone app can freeze after a crash or unintentionally stop. If you run into this issue with your iPhone, you may close your iPhone and restart your device. Or, you may update the application from the App Store. Doing any of these may likely resolve the problem for you. If you can’t resolve the issue, you may visit a nearby cell phone repair shop to help you out.

These are the most common problems that the majority of iPhone users face. If your iPhone runs into these issues, you may take advantage of things we have discussed to recover your iPhone. Additionally, you can always count on a reputable cell phone repair service for iPhone repair


iPhone users can come across different issues with an iOS update or other reasons. They have the option to avail of a cell phone repair shop to fix common iPhone problems. Nevertheless, they may capitalize on tips to recover their device before considering an iPhone repair. Here are the five most common issues that iPhone users can encounter with their iPhones:

1. Quick battery drain.

2. Overheating

3. Apple logo stuck on iPhone screen.

4. Proximity sensor not working

5. iPhone app freeze.

Ensure to contact a reputable cell phone repair shop if you fail to fix a common iPhone issue.

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