The Next Big Thing Is Vysor Download


With the advent of technology, we all people around this globe have become more and advanced. There is actually no doubt in this statement. It has become a fact. With technology and technological inventions and gadgets our lives have changed completely. Advancement is the new name of this human life.

We all are living in a world of artificial intelligence. Even we are doing research on neural networks. So what we can expect more. There are a lot of new things on internet which are available there to make our life easy.

Download Vysor

 Have you heard about this thing which is going to be called the next big thing on internet. If you have not heard then it is vysor. This is a kind of a heavenly app available on internet which is available to download on various platforms on internet.

Vysor download is very popular among people because of the fact that it is a great thing. Actually it uses a chrome extension through which one can manage his or her Android phone on personal computer.

What Can Be Done With This?

 The main question is that what is significance of this vysor pro thing. So here is your answer without any further delays.

The best thing about vysor is that one can view and even control his or her Android phone on a personal computer. With this your work becomes really easy.

One can use applications of Android phone on his or her personal computer. Moreover you can play games, mirror screens and manage movies, contacts and your different files like music folders and other things just using the mouse. So just imagine how easy your work becomes by just using this amazing thing called vysor.

Other important things which you can do are like that you can type faster on your phone through your desktop keyboard because you are connected with the personal computer. View your pictures and videos on the large screen of the PC.


 Actually as you can inevitably see there are a lot of perks of using vysor. So let us go through them. Here are the pros.

  • Control Android phones with the mouse of personal computer.
  • Mirror the device screen.
  • You can synchronize with many devices at one time through vysor.
  • Change the quality of pictures you are viewing when you are viewing them on a personal computer.

So these are the perks. Some very important perks related to vysor.


As everything comes with some flaws vysor is not an exception. There are some cons related to this as well. These cons are as follows.

  • There are minor lags in the application. So it is a kind of small problem one will encounter.
  • Ads are another problem on this application. So keep view of it.
  • Auto payment cannot be cancelled.
  • Video recording crash.

These are the some of the minor as well as major cons of this application.

Other Things

The latest version of this application is 1.8.3 which is available for download on internet. It is developed by clockwork Mod. The operating systems which are supported by vysor are windows 10,8 and 7.


If you are looking for vysor alternative then do not worry. There are some alternatives available as well. Some of these alternatives are as follows.

  • The first one is All cast receiver. It is used for sharing multimedia files between computers and all cast devices.
  • The next one is Miracast which shares multimedia content between WiFi hotspots.
  • Last but not least is scrcpy through which one can access,


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