The Perfect Stuff to Buy When Bringing Your New Kitty Home


You’re excited to welcome your new feline friend. However, before bringing home your kitty, you should be prepared with a bunch of no RX cat supplies. This means standard cat gear that doesn’t require a prescription. It’s best to have everything ready before your new fur baby enters your house. This will allow your kitten to feel right at home, so he’ll feel relaxed enough to start exploring.

Cat Crate or Carrier

As soon as you decide that you want a cat, it would help if you had this carrier or crate pronto. This will be one of your very first buys because you need this device to take your furball home. A cardboard box won’t cut it because it is too uncomfortable and doesn’t allow enough airflow. Your scared kitty can also claw his way out because there are no locks in a box. This can lead to a nasty accident in a moving vehicle.

A crate or carrier is the smarter choice because your cat will be more comfortable and secure inside. This handy gadget will also give you peace of mind because this comes with a locking door. This reusable device is a worthwhile investment because you can use it every single time you need to bring your cat to the vet, park, or wherever you want to go. 

Water and Food Bowls

When you get home, one of the no RX cat supplies you need is a pet dish for your cat. It is prudent to have a separate water and food bowl waiting. Don’t forget that cats need access to clean, potable water at any given time to prevent dehydration. If you are bringing home a precious, tiny kitten, you need a specially designed bowl that’s fit for smaller paws and mouths.

Don’t forget to wash this upon first use. Pet bowls must also be cleaned daily, with the water and food changed because they can go stale. Be mindful to place these bowls away from the litter box because cats are picky creatures that don’t want to eat where they defecate.

Feline Food

Nutrition is essential for your new fur family addition. There are many different kinds of food you can choose from canned food to kibble. If you are not sure what to pick, ask your vet if your cat needs any special formulas.

Usually, kittens need to be fed more with higher caloric intake to feed their growing bodies. However, do note that if you adopted an older cat, senior felines also need a special diet that’s low in sodium and phosphates to protect their kidneys and liver. As your cat grows, you have to buy a wide selection of cat food menu that your baby can enjoy.

Cat Mattress

Although cats can fall asleep anywhere, give your new cat his very own cat mattress. This will be his own private zen space that will provide comfort during naps and beauty sleeps.

Place this in a cozy warm spot where your kitty will feel comfy and safe. You just have to make sure that the mattress is balanced. It should be large enough to accommodate your pet, yet small enough to make him feel safe and secure.

Litter Box

Cats are naturally clean creatures, so you’ll definitely need a litter box to accommodate all their bodily excretions. A self-cleaning litter box is a fantastic purchase because it has a mechanical device that rakes the dirty litter on your behalf once your cat is done going to the “loo.”

However, if you want a plain ordinary box, a traditional plastic box will do. You need to remember to clean it out more often and change the kitty litter inside frequently. All-natural clumping clay litter with a fresh scent is a great choice because it relies on herbs to control odour, refresh the box, and kill bacteria.

Final Word

This is not a definitive list, but these are the essentials you need to make your cat feel comfy in your home. If you want to add fun stuff, you can include cat toys like plushies, balls, and blankies. Preparing all these will make your cat feel like a much-loved family member. Soon, you can take family pics with your newest fur baby, so don’t forget to give that perfect smile.


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