The Pros and Drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence


The concept of artificial intelligence is complex in stature. A complicated mixture of maths, computer science along with complex sciences evolves. By the system of complex programming machines go on to replace the cognitive abilities of human beings. Artificial intelligence in Health industry has found a lot of takers in the last few years. Before proceeding ahead you need to figure out pros along with cons of what it has to offer

Reduction of Errors

By artificial intelligence the scope of errors is reduced and higher accuracy is possible with better precision. In various fields it is applied like exploration of space. For example intelligent robots are incorporated with AI and then send out to space. As they have metal bodies on them they are resistant to hostile atmosphere and space. They acclimatize in a way by which they do not breakdown in a hostile environment.

Difficult Exploration

With the science of robotics and AI, you can put them to use in mining or other areas of full exploration. Apart from this the complex machines can help to explore the complex ocean floor and they overcome the human limitations.

Because of the programming of the robots they are accustomed to perform tasks requiring higher degrees of precision and responsibility.  For this reason artificial intelligence in health industry has set new bench marks in a short span of time.

Daily Application

Automated computer methods, reasoning have gone on to become a part and parcel of our lives. As part of our daily life we rely on GPS for commutation trips. Smartphone is a perfect example on how we end up using GPRS in our daily day to day lives. Such is their involvement that they can predict what we are going to type ad work out errors in spelling. Basically this is an example of human intelligence at work.

All about the positives, but there are some loopholes with artificial intelligence

Higher Costs

The development of AI is a complex procedure so costs are bound to shoot up. The maintenance and repair costs are huge. Software programs are geared which has to cater to the needs of the changing environment whereby the need of the machines is that they need to be smarter every passing day.

Cannot Replace Humans

Intelligence is a prized possession of human beings. Still a debate exists whether artificial intelligence can go on to replicate human beings.

Machines do not have any moral values and emotions. They work on what is programed and cannot determine what can be right or wrong. The worst part is that they cannot take a decision that is not familiar to them. They are going to perform in an incorrect manner or end up breaking down in such cases.

To conclude as compared to human beings artificial intelligence cannot improve with experience. With the passage of time it is expected to wear and tear as it is prone to be accessed on a recurring basis. There is no whole hearted approach when it comes to artificial intelligence.


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