These Are The Countries That Attract And Retain The Most Talent In The World


The 2019 World Talent Ranking measures the investment and development in education carried out by countries, and the talent of qualified workers that attract their territories and companies. We tell you which countries are in the top 10 ranking.

The countries that attract and retain the most talent have once again been measured in the World Talent Ranking published by IMD Business School, which measures both investment and development in education in the country, as well as the talent of skilled workers who attract its territories and companies.

Switzerland has obtained the first place in the survey, thus retaining its title for the fifth consecutive year in the World Ranking of Talents. The high level of training and education in this country have been the key points so that the country that attracts and retains talents has been reappointed.

Subsequently to the Swiss country are Denmark and Norway. The survey granted the first positions to European countries in its great majority. These are the countries that were in the Top 10 ranking of countries with the most talents:

The United States has risen four positions with respect to the previous ranking, and now occupies the 12th place. The United Kingdom has fallen in two positions as a possible consequence of Brexit, currently ranking 23rd.

“The economies located in the top 10 of the ranking generally share high levels of investment in public education and a high quality of life, which allows them to develop local human capital and attract highly qualified professionals from abroad,” explained the Director of the World Center. of Competitiveness of Arturo Bris.

Singapore is the country in the Asian continent that is ranked higher in the ranking, in 13th place. Hong Kong has lost 6 places, and now it is ranked 18. According to the report, these economies have continued to attract talent to their territory, but they have not invested enough in education.

China is therefore far from the top 10, and this is because it does not attract enough skilled workers from abroad, and the public spending on education is very far from that of the most powerful economies in the world.

As for the Latin American countries, Venezuela is among the least competitive in the 63rd position, and Mexico occupies the 61st position. In both countries, many skilled workers have left the territory, in addition to the public spending on education be relatively low.

Thus, the countries that attract and retain the most talent are also those that most bet on quality education in their territories.


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