Tips for Ordering a Customised Cake


Cakes are one of the most popular desserts to please your sweet tooth. Earlier, fried bread used to be served as a cake-like dessert. Now, bakeries keep a stock of varieties of cakes ranging from cheesecakes to sponge and cupcakes.

Cakes have been an all-time popular dessert and no occasion seems complete without it. If you have a party or a function, you may check the following tips for ordering a customized cake in Dwarka Delhi:

Order in Advance: If you are planning to order a customized cake, there is normally a lot of discussion about the details before the order is finalized. Therefore, you should place the order well ahead so that the bakery can add your order onto their decorating and baking schedule.

Look: Once you have zeroed in on the theme and color scheme of your celebration, it will be easier for you to look for a design that will complement it. Check out various designs and images that will suit your interest and share them with your cake consultant.

Budget: Plan your budget ahead and that too based on facts. You may call up the bakers in advance to find out the starting price range of a similar cake style. You may also check types of cakes available at the shop. Once you gather all the information, you may think about what is important for you and how much are you willing to shell out.

Discuss: After you have decided to place the order for a cake, share the budget range with the cake consultant. It will help the cake artist to plan a design for your cake as per your budget. Custom cake covers a large price range, therefore it is advisable to be upfront about what you are planning to spend. Soon after receiving the price quote, you can anytime add or remove designs elements to make it work for your budget.

Size: Decorated cakes and shaped cakes need to be sizable to get the desired look you are seeking. If you are not expecting a large number of guests, you may plan to give everyone a cake to take home or cut the cake into separate slices, wrap each slice properly and freeze it so that everyone can enjoy it fully.

Eat Rightly: Custom cakes taste best when eaten at the room temperature. The bigger the cake, the more time it takes to adjust. In case the cake is too cold, it may taste a bit dry. If it is too hot, the cake will get too warm, which will result in melting and sweating.

The above tips will certainly prove fruitful and help you in ordering customized cakes in Delhi that everyone will relish.


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