Tips to use Instagram in your business correctly


Social networks have become the best way to communicate with others, and to demonstrate certain personal talents and tastes that are otherwise impossible, although most use them personally, they can also be a great means of Advertising for your brand, if you are not sure how to do it, do not worry, here are some tips to use Instagram in your business in the right way.

How to use Instagram in your business?

While in theory it is not very different from the way you handle a personal profile, there are certain things that you can improve or implement to position yourself well and attract the attention of potential customers, the key is to keep other users interested. We would like to introduce you GetInsta. It is a great app to help you get free Instagram likes

1. Maintain a good balance between published photos

Not everything should be too serious or else it will become boring, from time to time it is okay to upload a funny and funny photo that can cause empathy among the followers. A small subtle joke, which makes sense but without losing at all the path that your business travels.

2. The hashtag are your best allies if you know how to use them

Knowing how to implement this great tool well is not just about placing as many as possible, you should have several factors in consideration:

  • Use the correct hashtag depending on the public, the sector in which you operate, the country where your business is located, if it’s special promotions.
  • Do not overdo it with the amount of hashtag.
  • You must learn to locate them correctly, some are good in the description others only to have more opportunities for other users to see your publications.
  • Do not ruin the aesthetics of the description by placing a large amount of hashtag pasted one after another, for this the best thing is that you do it in a comment a few seconds after making the publication, or leaving a large space between the description and the hashtag.

3. Do not stop interacting with other users

It is true that you do not know them in person and that it is not a personal profile, but whenever possible respond to their comments, like them, respond to their private messages and more. Customers like to feel important and taken care of, even behind the screen of their cell phones.

4. Optimize your profile

There are many ways to do it, but among the most recommended are the following:

  • Keep the profile public so everyone can see your content. If the first impression they have about you is having to request permission to see what you offer you will not get their attention, people want to see your products at the moment they feel interest, not later, when they receive a notification that you have accepted them They won’t remember who you are.
  • If you have a website, include the URL in the biography to also improve its traffic, also whenever you can mention in comments that entering there may have a better view to buy.
  • As a profile picture use your company logo.
  • The username must be the name of your company.

5. Seeks to reward customers

Through Instagram growth services you can offer coupons or discounts that are valid only through this medium, you can make contests and much more. This is a way to encourage them to follow you and also to measure the importance and relevance of your account to them.

6. You can’t stop doing Sneak Peek

If you do not understand the term, it is to show with photos or videos something that is happening with the company, it can be the photo session of the new collection, when it is not yet for sale or active, this will keep your followers anxious and the expectation of what your next movements are going to be.

7. Publicly thank your employees

There are few things that create greater empathy and pleasure to customers than to see an employer thank the work of their employees, it shows that you are a person who values the team’s effort, that despite having your own brand you are humble, that you have them I appreciate and respect.

This is always well accepted by users, whenever you consider it appropriate, place a photo of the staff after a work day, sharing some kind of extra activity to the local. Special dates are the best to do this, Christmas, children’s day, mother’s day or father’s day is just a few examples.

These are just some of the tricks that you can put into practice so that you Instagram become one of the best ads you have, it is an efficient and free way to attract new customers and keep in touch with those you already have.


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