Top 5 Things to Consider Before Booking Shade Sails Online

Shade Sails Online

The summer months in Australia can sometimes be a bit too unforgiving. Temperatures can climb up to 95 degrees or even higher. Because of the acclimate weather in the country, people are looking for shade sails online not only to get sun protection but also to add some day time aesthetics to their homes.

However, you ought to know that not all shade sails are made the same. They can differ greatly in terms of quality and protection. The production of the fabric structure alone is still unregulated in the country.

So, before you get a quote for shade sails online, you should consider several important factors before you put items in your shopping cart. We’ll cover them in the short guide below.

Factor #1–Your Purpose for Buying Shade Sails Online

Some people focus on the product and its quality when they purchase shade sails on the internet. However, the first thing you should consider is the purpose why you’re buying it.

What sort of protection are you looking for? Is your shade sail only for summer or do you intend to use it all year round? Some fabrics only provide UV protection while others are weatherproof, which means they can keep the rain away as well.

However, not all fabrics are thick or sturdy enough to withstand the changing climates in Australia. You should inquire about the different fabric types offered by a seller or manufacturer before you purchase shade sails online.

Factor #2–Fabric Quality

As stated earlier, the quality of the fabric will be different and the type of fabric should match your intended purpose. Some fabrics are made from light material while others are made with higher GSM, which allow them to take more punishment.

Here are some of the qualities that you should ask about the type of fabric that are used to construct shade sails.

  • Fabric strength (how much can it stretch)
  • Fire protection (should be rated to Australian Standard AS1530 part 2 & 3)
  • Heat reflectivity
  • UV resistance/protection
  • Cleanability
  • Life expectancy
  • Water proofing
  • Available colors
  • Cost

Factor #3–Sail Design

You will find that manufacturers will have a variety of designs for you to choose from. Make sure to check out all the designs available and choose the ones that will match your home’s exterior.

In some cases, your seller may even offer custom designs. They can conduct for a site visit and then make recommendations. This might incur some added costs though.

Factor #4–Shade Sail Installation

When you buy shade sails online you should also ask about the installation of the actual sails itself. Sure, they are very easy to install but there are plenty of installation options. You should ask what support structures the installer will use.

Again, they may do a site visit to inspect posts, walls, and other structures in your home to see where exactly they can install the shade sail.

Factor #5–The Company

Finally, you should consider the company, manufacturer, or seller you are dealing with. You should only deal with reputable people when it comes to the installation of additional fixtures to your home.

Ask if they are a duly licensed construction company or installer and verify their compliance with local building codes in Australia. Make sure to check customer reviews and ask if they can refer any previous customer who can vouch for them.


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