Top Tips on House Clearance in Richmond


If you have ever gone through the experience of removing goods during house relocation, you can imagine, how hectic it can be sometimes. However, if you follow some basic techniques, you can easily transform house clearance in Richmond into an enjoyable task. There are a number of actions you can comply with to make certain you do an effective as well as a correct job with minimum trouble.

Time Range Calculation

First of all, you must know exactly how much time you have for the dislocation. It will directly affect the number of individuals you would require for packing and loading the goods. If you have a short time limit then and a large number of items to move then you must hire helpers accordingly. In case you have extra time, you can even do all the tasks yourself along with the removal staff. If you hire a specialist home clearance company, they would certainly take care of all the aspects and details. All you would have to do is to monitor their job so that nothing goes wrong.

Classify Your Items first

It is the most important part of the job. Before house clearance in Richmond, you must classify the items that have to be moved. There might be certain items that you would not like to take along, you can easily drop them from the list and dispose of them. Old newspapers, books, magazines or piles of print outs that have no use any more are a good example of such items. Old furniture and electrical appliances in need of slight repair are such items that can be easily sold in the second-hand market. You can also donate such items to some nearby NGO.

Selling old items is also a good way to earn some extra money which you can use to facilitate your removal job. If you have some spare time, you can even sale the smaller items, at a car boot sale. You may earn some extra money this way. You can even go online and utilize various web services such as Gumtree, Etsy and eBay etc. however, the key is that don’t underprice the items, better consult other family members before deciding the price of various items you are going to sell.

After you have actually sorted out all the items and chosen what to donate or sell, it is time to handle the rubbish. Many of the stuff could be recycled somehow, so make certain you keep this in mind. For that purpose, you can easily hire a reputable waste removal company.

The main reason for hiring a removal firm is that clearing or dislocating a house is obviously a highly demanding task. It is not meant for everyone. If you let the professionals take care of it, you are most probably making a wise decision.

All the above ideas would help you in managing an economic and time-saving house clearance. The above points are almost essential for any house or workplace clearance job. However, your goal must be to execute the job in an eco-friendly way at each step of your removal.


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