Useful Tips on End of Tenancy Cleaning


If you had decided to end the tenancy cleaning by yourself, various things and places of the house must be considered.

Clean the Bathroom

A bathroom is a place where we take a bath, wash, and release our body wastes. This place must maintain the sanitation to keep harmful bacteria away from our house and body. After the tenancy cleaning, bathrooms must be clean and safe from any contamination of varying germs and bacteria. In order to make your bathroom clean, unplug first the outlets or any connections that can cause you harm. Wipe all the stains inside, including in the bowl, sinks, showers, and other else. You can use a cleaning chemical to make sure of its cleanliness. There are also products available in our home that can be used as a material to clean the bathroom. Lemons and white vinegar are the best to use. It can take away any stains inside your bathroom, and the lemon provides a fresh smell.


Kitchen is one of the most vital places in our house, so it must be clean and organized. If the stoves gas grease on it, you need to wipe it with a clean towel with a cleaning material or lemon. The plates must be organized in one place with other kitchen wares. The sink must also be clean to keep harmful bacteria away from the reach of a human. Before you do any cleaning in your kitchen, always remember to unplug any electric connection that might cause any danger to yourself.

Living Room

This place is where we accommodate and place our visitors to our special events. This place of the house also deserves a cleaning to take the dust, garbages, or any waste away. Also, clean the stuff and furniture that completes your living room. In this way,  a cleaner and much more accommodating living room can be achieved.

Don’t forget about the Windows

A clean window can provide us with a safer and cleaner passage of air into our house. Windows can contain dust and any waste from the outside and also from the inside. If you are not able to clean this, better seek for help from the professional cleaners of windows.

Defrost the Freezer

Defrosting the freezer can help you clean the fridge properly. But, before all of that, make sure to carry all of the foods and products inside your fridge out to an airy space. Then, you can finally start your cleaning and organizing the fridge.

What about the Garden?

Just like our house, the garden also needs a thorough cleaning process. Take away the dried leaves, wastes, dried plants, or anything else that are no longer needed in the garden. The appearance of the garden also has a contribution to the over-all appearance of your entire house. So, better consider and clean also your garden.

Clean the Walls

Walls can contain dust and other harmful wastes that might bring harm to our life. A thorough cleaning of the walls must also be considered. Wipe the walls with a clean towel and maybe repaint it if the color began to fade.

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