Viable Tea Packaging: Retaining the Fine Taste and Aroma


As critical are the best possible strategies for tea ranch and its handling, tea boxes wholesale for packaging is another important part of deciding the exceptional quality measures of any tea brand. We, at Dong Son, go for satisfying the best models by offering first class secure packaging of the tea conveyed on our end. The outstanding packaging norms and the general plan ideas are other types of the productivity of any tea brand. It means to keep up the equivalent by offering high-plan and preeminent nature of the tea packaging.

The legitimate image is perceived by the unique packaging that is brought out through a progression of positive strides as: 

  • The readiness of the Vacuum Bags:

The initial move towards compelling packaging of the astounding tea leaves is the arrangement of the vacuum sacks or the aluminium sacks. The vacuum sacks and the aluminium holders keep the inflow of any air into the packaging. It guarantees the freshness of the tea leaves notwithstanding when expanded after a lot of time. The vacuum holders are sans any supply of air that could give dampness to the tea leaves. In nearness of moisture, the leaves would hose and would, in general, lose their freshness just as freshness.

Along these lines, we guarantee the choice fragrance and severe taste of the exceptional quality tea leaves by packing them in vacuum and aluminium tea boxes for packaging covers.

  • The situation of the Tea Bags into Rectangular-Shaped Boxes:

Once the rectangular-moulded tea packs readied, the tea sacks then set into rectangular boxes for more noteworthy security. It gives protection to the delicate tea leaves amid travel. It likewise offers the simplicity of putting away the tea sacks into rectangular boxes that guarantee incredible strength and equalisation. In this manner, extreme assurance to the delicate tea leaves inside the packaging is guaranteed.

Addition of Anti-oxidation Bags Into Tea Packets:

The nearness of the counter oxidations sacks into the tea packaging would guarantee that the tea leaves don’t come into contact with the air oxygen. On the off chance that this occurs, they would lose their freshness and would get ruined effectively. Along these lines, the packaging company offers the counter oxidation packaging to guarantee the more rugged sturdiness of the tea leaves. The nearness of hostile to oxidation sacks into tea boxes wholesale for packaging keeps the breakdown of the tea leaves because of oxidation.

  • Scooping of Tea into Respective Tea Bags:

Once the best possible vacuum and aluminium tea compartments readied, the tea leaves then scooped into tea sacks. The material of the tea sacks is guaranteed to coordinate the global quality norms of tea packaging. The tea packs likewise ensure the wellbeing of the tea leaves by keeping them secure in one spot. It holds the freshness of the tea leaves notwithstanding when opened after an impressive time frame. The tea packs are built in a way to store the tea leaves without breaking a sweat and accommodation. In the meantime, it likewise offers incredible accommodation to the clients in putting away the tea at their homes.

  • Weighing of the Tea Bags:

Once the tea leaves scooped into suitable tea sacks, the packs are then considered to pack into different packaging. The weighing done through an extraordinary burdening machine that can accurately gauge the light tea leaves. The tea packing then done in various boxes and packets according to the fluctuating weight guidelines. It guarantees the packaging in different packs of different loads to utilise for each family’s prerequisites.

  • Creation of Tea Bags into Rectangular Shapes:

The tea sacks currently arranged into rectangular shapes for legitimate packaging. The square states of the tea sacks guarantee the security of the tea leaves that keep from any harm. The orthogonal states of tea boxes for packing license simplicity of development and conveyance likewise from the assembling units to the end buyers.

  • The arrangement of the Tea Bags in Vacuum Machine:

Once the whole packaging finishes, the rectangular tea boxes are then kept inside the vacuum machine. It removes every single imaginable type of shrouded oxygen inside the tea sacks with the end goal that they prepare for the travel. Nonattendance of barometrical oxygen into the tea boxes guarantees that the tea leaves are crisp and sweet-smelling for a more drawn out time frame.

  • Last Packing:

Once tea boxes are brought out of the vacuum machine, they are at last put away in a significant cotton box. The large cotton box containing the custom tea boxes are verified firmly with the assistance of tapes and legitimate packaging material. Presently, the tea sacks are prepared to transport to the ideal areas. 


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