Visit Colombia, from the Caribbean to the Andes

Cartegena, COLOMBIA

If we talk about Colombia to many, the successful Narcos series will come to mind. That which tells the life of Pablo Escobar and tells how this South American country was in times of drug cartels. Thanks to it, cities like Medellin or Cali have entered the traveling map of many, although there are still those who do not believe that visiting Colombia is a good idea. But the time of the violence generated by drugs and guerrillas passed, and although there are corners of the country that it is better to avoid for security, in general it is possible to travel through Colombia with peace of mind and even travel freely through its territory.

Visit Colombia: essential places

There are many reasons to visit Colombia. An attractive destination that has not yet begun to reach mass tourism except Cartagena, the country’s colonial jewel. Beyond that city, those who dare to enter the country can enjoy beautiful landscapes, small colonial towns full of charm or interesting museums that show the history and culture of the country. There is much to see in Colombia, and each traveler will have priorities when organizing their route. Here you have a selection of these places that we believe should be on any itinerary through this country bathed by the Pacific and the Caribbean.


They say it is one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean. It is part of the World Heritage of Humanity, and reasons are not lacking. There is much to see in Cartagena, from the largest fort built by the Spaniards in American lands to palaces such as that of the Inquisition, colonial churches and attractive cobbled streets in which the protagonists are the colored houses through which bougainvillea climb. Visiting Colombia and not stopping in this city is unthinkable, especially when there are many travelers who only get to know this city in the country. Both tourism has some charm, but it is something that has no choice but to manage with humor if you want to discover this beautiful city next to the Caribbean.


The Colombian capital would not be on any list of beautiful cities. However, since many travelers will enter or leave the country, it is worth spending at least one day discovering everything there is to see in Bogotá. The Gold Museum, the Candelaria neighborhood or the Monserrate Hill are some of the must-see visits in the city, a place on the other side where you have to pay special attention to the places through which you move, as you It is one of the most insecure cities in America.

San Andres and Providencia

For many visiting Colombia is linked to Caribbean beaches. Although some on the continent may like many, such as those of Tayrona or Palomino, there is no doubt that the beaches that will make more than one fall in love are those of these two islands, San Andres and Providencia. White sand and a sea of ​​transparent waters make the beaches of these islands the most attractive in Colombia, a country to which they belong but from which 800 kilometers of the Caribbean Sea separate them.


The city of Pablo Escobar is also the city of Fernando Botero, one of the most international Colombian artists. His sculptures decorate different squares of the city and in the Museum of Antioquia you can find some of his works exhibited in the halls of one of the most attractive buildings to see in Medellin. This city is also a good place to get closer to Colombian urban art. Commune 13 was one of the most depressed neighborhoods in Medellin. Today they have managed to reinvent themselves and become with their artisans and graffiti in one of the must-see places to visit in this city of Antioch.

While in Medellin, you have to take advantage, get on a bus and take an excursion to nearby and attractive towns such as Guatape or Santa Fe Antioch, one of the most beautiful imposing towns in Colombia.

Coffee Axis

Whether you like coffee or not, this area of ​​the center of the country is one of the places to visit in Colombia. There you can meet small towns with white houses and doors of intense colors that fill the streets with joy. Coffee farms have taken over the mountainous terrain to supply the world with what is considered one of the best coffees in the world. And in this place there is also the Cocora Valley, the place where the wax palm grows, a symbol of the country and a unique tree that reaches 60 meters high.

Colonial cities

If something is not missing in Colombia they are small and attractive colonial towns where the memory of the visitors remains in the architecture of their houses and churches. There are many that can be known on a trip to Colombia. To mention only some of them, we recommend you to consider when visiting Colombian lands to know Villa de Leyva, there is the largest square in the country and one of the largest in South America.

Barichara is a beautiful town with cobbled streets where there are no great monuments, but its location and the charm of its architecture make it one of the most beautiful places in Colombia. And finally Mompox, a town of relaxed atmosphere on the banks of the river of the same name and that many identify with the Macondo of One Hundred Years of Soledad, one of the most famous works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


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