Does Water and Lemon help you to Lose Weight?

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Some ideas about diet and weight loss are difficult to accept. Some are considered dangerous, others cannot be false calls, but they are misused. One of the latter is the following: does water and lemon make you lose weight? Let’s try to understand better what it is and dispel a myth from centuries ago.

The Lemon

This citrus is often the protagonist of diets or quick solutions: just think of the recent lemon diet, or its use associated with ginger or turmeric as if it were a magic potion. Undoubtedly, lemon has unmatched properties: it is a concentrate of vitamins, it helps diuresis, digestion, it is undoubtedly a friend of our body hence to say that it loses weight it happens.

The lemon is acid

Lie. In fact, it is quite the opposite: lemon is alkaline. Its consumption does not provide acidity, on the contrary, it attenuates it once metabolized. Acidic foods are not sour foods with a strong flavor: acids include dairy products, sugar, wheat.

Water and Lemon

Water (hot or warm) and lemon (untreated lemon juice) is a solution that has multiple purposes: the first is to promote digestion if you drink this solution after meals; the second is to take a daily dose of vitamin quickly and painlessly; The third is to drink water and lemon first thing in the morning, when you wake up. I will focus on the latter.

Glass of water with lemon

In the morning, to lose weight

Drinking hot water and lemon first thing in the morning, as soon as you get up, before preparing breakfast, can be a good habit in any case but certainly not to lose weight.

For many, however, it brings benefits – and at this point, before continuing, I highly recommend that you contact your nutritionist, who will be able to tell you if water and lemon can give you any specific benefit. General benefits, which are not supported by scientific evidence, include:

  • keeping the PH of the blood balanced: it is not correct, since the blood circulation cannot be influenced by a food;
  • Clearing chronic stomach acidity: not correct, and you have to be very careful because water and lemon are not a medical solution capable of curing chronic and delicate situations like the one mentioned above;
  • strengthens the immune system: yes, but no. It would be correct to say that the CORRECT DOSE of vitamin C strengthens the immune system, not to take in profusion: that is why, in this case, it is essential not to get the idea for yourself, that is, feel like a nutritionist.

Keep your blood sugar level under control

In relation to weight loss, morning lemon is attributed useful properties to keep blood sugar, the so-called glycemic peaks or blood sugar contained in food consumed during the day, under control. If true, then in a way drinking water and lemon on an empty stomach and in the morning can help during the course of the diet.

This is what is found in many sources, including medical-scientific ones. Your nutritionist, however, can give you answers and certainty.


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