What Are the Benefits of Using Flexible Packaging for Nutritional Supplements?


Customers expect nutritional supplement packaging to preserve the condition and potency of contents that are often sensitive to heat, light, and moisture. Flexible packaging can limit shipping damage and keep out air, ambient moisture and light. Learn more about the benefits of custom-printed, pouch-style packages over conventional aluminum, glass or plastic packaging.

Customized Packaging 

Digitally-printed supplement packaging is the easiest and most reliable way to provide customers with the information necessary to use products as directed. Organic food and supplement brands should develop accurate and complete package designs in collaboration with a packaging and printing service. Finished package layouts may include instructions for using and storing supplements along with relevant resources such as scannable codes or a link to a company website where current product information can be found.

Affordable Digital Printing

The affordability of flexible packaging materials and the speed of the digital printing process allows for faster turn-around. The more quickly that accurate packaging arrives at a processing or production facility as rollstock or finished pouches, the sooner supplement packaging can reflect accurate information that corresponds to changing conditions across natural product supply chains. Producers and suppliers may particularly appreciate the cost-effective versatility that variable data printing makes possible.

From affordable small to medium print runs of promotional product packaging or resupply orders to the ability to print multiple product SKUs in a single run, variable data printing can be particularly helpful for supplement makers that process or manufacture products that contain naturally-sourced ingredients or other contents that may vary in geographical origin, grade or quality. Digitally-printed flexible packaging should ship quickly, ideally within 10 to 15 days, to keep production on schedule and allow for faster time to market.

It is possible to distinguish the products of a supplement or organic food company from the competition with the right customized flexible packaging. Clients and package designers should find ways to display necessary information such as nutritional facts and disclaimers regarding the stance of the Food and Drug Administration on the use of supplements in the treatment of medical conditions. Other printing options may enable supplement makers to present consumers with unique promotional packaging or eye-catching design elements.

Limited Air and Light Exposure

Most nutritional supplements contain botanicals, minerals or vitamins that are sensitive to exposure to air, heat, light or moisture. Flexible, pouch-style packages are often opaque and remain airtight until opened by the consumer. Once a consumer purchases a supplement and breaks the seal on the flexible package, accurate expiration dates and storage instructions become the most important information for prolonging the shelf life of this type of product, particularly if a supplement contains little or no preservatives. Many flexible packages are also designed to be resealed.

Natural food and supplement brands and white-label processors can depend on digital printed stand up pouches to protect contents from exposure to elements that may degrade the potency or quality of supplements or other food-grade, naturally-sourced or otherwise environmentally-sensitive products. The design of flexible packaging and any printed information also play significant parts in promoting customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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