What can Google Assistant do?

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If you’re active with the latest tech & news, chances are Google Assistant has caught your eye some time or the other. But you’re too reluctant to try it out, right? Don’t worry, we’ll explain all the important things you need to know.

First off, let’s clear one notion. Google Assistant can be disabled. Yes, that is true. People believe that isn’t possible but let’s explain how to turn Google Assistant off before getting to its functions so if you’re ever bothered by it you can just get rid of it.

  1. Simply, go to Google then make your way to Menu
  2. Go on to Settings.
  3. Disable the Assistant option under Google Assistant

Against popular belief, the Assistant isn’t barred by limitations. It’s a very simple procedure to get the most tedious tasks done quickly. Let’s discuss it.

You can Google image search to see those wonderful pet pictures to uplift your mood. Just ask your Google Assistant to do a Google image search of animals and feel better in the blink of an eye. No need to type anything anymore!

It’s your first date and the first impression decides everything; we get you. But right now you’re troubled by the restaurant. Don’t bother searching the Internet endlessly for results, just ask Google Assistant to show you nearby restaurants and find great spots around you.

It even provides you with ratings, directions and the address for the place!

Feeling sad? Let Google cheer you up. Just say “Tell me something good.” And hear the news that will brighten up your day in seconds. Didn’t know Google could do that, right?

This feature is for sports fans. Just tap on your Home button or say “Hey/OK Google” and ask about the previous game or previous game results for your convenience.

Missed the weather forecast on television? Google’s here to save the day. We all make schedules based on weather reports and it can be bothersome to miss the latest weather news and waiting for another update may not be the best idea. 

Ask Google Assistant about weather news and it’ll be your own, personalized weather forecaster who doesn’t make stupid jokes! The best of both worlds, for you.

Wish to connect to the ones at home? Missing their voices? Google Assistant can broadcast a voice message to your Google Home speakers at home for your family to answer. It can also send a read-on message for them to read.

Don’t have time to run off to the local cinema? You don’t have to anymore, with this feature. Just search for movies, their details and what’s playing near you. Select the showtimes suitable for you and book a ticket through Fandango. 

Wish Google could send drinks and popcorn too? Not yet! You’ll have to manage with this for now.

Listen to some songs on your way to work. Say “OK Google” and ask it to play music. Now you can enjoy listening to the latest hit songs without ever dragging yourself anywhere.

Set reminders for your important deadlines, meetings, and any important date. Set a reminder with Google Assistant just by saying “OK Google, set a reminder for Sunday’s football match.” And now you don’t need to set reminders anywhere else. Save yourself some time! 

Perhaps the most notable function Google Assistant offers is that it retrieves important data from other services that Google provides in a moment. Getting nervous that you’re missing out on an important reminder, or an email? Just ask Google if you’re missing something and it’ll let you know quickly.

Did you learn helpful tips from this article? What’s the best function according to you?


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