What is Mesotherapy and what is it for?


What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a medical treatment that involves the application through injections of small amounts of natural extracts, pharmaceuticals and vitamins. Mesotherapy is usually used to:

  • Remove cellulite
  • Promote weight loss
  • Treat the skin
  • Rejuvenate the face, hands and neck

Body Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy helps to eliminate localized fat and cellulite with great efficiency and without having to go through the operating room.

Sometimes it is not enough to make a diet. In fact, a person may be in their weight, but they may have cellulite or accumulated fat in some specific area. That is why mesotherapy is the most effective method to combat these rebel areas.

Even so, it is always advisable to follow a low fat pre and post treatment, avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water to eliminate toxins.

Body treatments such as body mesotherapy are not only used to lose weight or eliminate cellulite, but also help us fight stretch marks and small imperfections in our skin.

What is body mesotherapy?

Body mesotherapy consists of injecting small amounts of homeopathic medicines through the skin (they are natural substances that improve peripheral circulation and skin elasticity, which are lost when cellulite appears) or allopathic (chemical substances extracted from plants with highly effective substances for the treatment of cellulite), so that they take effect in rebel areas where fat accumulates.

It is an aesthetic medicine treatment that consists of eliminating localized fat and reducing cellulite through the help of these injected substances.

These substances stimulate the metabolism to achieve the desired results. Either reduce volume or reaffirm skin that has become flaccid due to the fat it stores.

Mesotherapy vs Liposuction for cellulite

Mesotherapy treats cellulite directly, while liposuction is a body remodeling technique that does not eliminate cellulite.

We could say that mesotherapy is involved in the factors responsible for the appearance of cellulite to reduce fat, improve circulation and make the surface of the skin smoother.

In short, mesotherapy reduces the fat in certain areas, makes us have softer skin and prevents the reappearance of cellulite.

Facial Mesotherapy

In this case, mesotherapy acts as a cosmetic agent. Eliminates acne, scars and wrinkles. In general, facial mesotherapy helps improve the appearance of the skin.

It is a facial treatment that is applied by very superficial microinjections for the prevention of facial aging, to improve wrinkles and sagging, and to achieve the revitalization of the facial complexion.

Your skin will look hydrated, nourished, smooth and soft.

What is facial mesotherapy?

Vitamin injections rejuvenate cells, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Therefore, it is a technique that is increasingly used in young people, since it not only eliminates existing wrinkles, but also delays the appearance of them.

Facial treatment requires continuity, and the indicated thing is that sessions are carried out with a certain periodicity so that the positive effects of mesotherapy are 100% noticed.

In most cases the results are visible from the first session, but it is necessary to continue a continuous treatment with regular maintenance visits.

Mesotherapy side effects

Mesotherapy treatment does not require hospitalization, medical leave or general anesthesia. It is aesthetic medicine without going through the operating room.

The most frequent is that in the first session a clinical history and a first test is carried out to verify that no allergic reaction is suffered. There are also some contraindications in pregnancy and lactation, if you suffer from a bleeding disorder, skin infections, etc.

A possible side effect may be swelling of the area or the appearance of a bruise that disappears within a few days.

It is not a painful treatment, although logically it is a treatment with injections and if you can notice a slight discomfort when inserting the needle.

Mesotherapy before and after

It is advisable to take care of the mesotherapy session with clean skin, preferably exfoliated and in the case of facial treatment without makeup, to take care of yourself before and after treatment.

It is also recommended to avoid hot water for at least the next 8 hours of the Mesotherapy treatment. It is also convenient not to apply makeup until the day after.

Mesotherapy Price

The price varies depending on your treatment plan. If you are looking for a Mesotherapy treatment in Madrid, come and meet us and we will give you your personalized price.


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